Ruby Laser


This custom ruby laser was built from surplus parts, and produces enough energy in a single shot to drill holes in metal. Ruby lasers have also been used to make hologram snapshots and to measure the distance to the moon.

Pen Pop-polis


Join the metropolis of reuse and cooperation! We're starting with an empty exhibit space and a bunch of cardboard. Over the course of the weekend, we'll build a 10x10' miniature city. Add your own building, large or small.rn

The Red Couch


Dawn Thomas and Robert van de Walle create kinetic sculptures inspired by a found red velvet couch. Their collaborations are a vehicle for inspiring others and building relationships with other creative, resourceful people.

Rapid Prototyping with modular, open source hardware: Taking your ideas from concept to reality


Modular hardware enables makers to prove out ideas and concepts rapidly. This allows new ideas to come to fruition more quickly, enabling makers to push the envelope by focusing on differentiation and innovation, rather than being bogged down by low-level bits and bytes. In addition, open source hardware creates a friendly community where makers and developers can collaborate and re-use tried and true solutions. No need to re-invent the wheel! This panel will provide valuable insights, trends, and key advantages so Makers can leverage such ecosystems for rapid prototyping. In addition, several engaging demos will be shown.

Hacker Dojo


Hacker Dojo is a managed coworking and events space that caters to the community of developers in Mountain View, CA who want to just sit down and get to building stuff. It serves needs from robotics to entrepreneurship, and includes member-use facilities such as a fully-stocked electronics lab, a 3D printer, and free coffee. Visitors are welcomed for events or a nominal daily use fee!

Unnecessarily High Five


The Unnecessarily High Five is the ultimate high-five experience! This interactive art piece encourages participants of all ages to try and give the highest five that they can. Built from wood, conduit and mannequin parts.

Oaktown Jerk: Beef Jerky 101


Oaktown Jerk makes artisan beef jerky, handcrafted in small batches using certified Piedmontese beef. Whenever possible our ingredients are fresh and purchased locally. The final product is both chewy and flavorful!

Getting it Made: Stories from Shenzhen


bunnie will share some stories about crossing the gap from a single home-made prototype to mass production, using supply chain services located in the Shenzhen area of China.

Bike Zoo


The Bike Zoo combines the simplicity of pedal-power, with the animation of puppets . We take the world to a fantasy land of giant animals, where anything is possible with the power of your own legs and some imagination.

SmartJars, Inc.


SmartJars®..for modular storage: A portable, durable, food-safe jar and a pegboard-mountable dock to hold it.

SmartJars® are capping off their summer 2013 debut at the NY Maker Faire.

The Maker community is our community and it's simply the best suited to appreciate the ease, utility, and convenience of SmartJars® Get Organized!


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