The Smomid is a network of handmade instruments that emit light as well as sound, making use of Arduinos, many types of sensors and high powered LEDs. This network also makes use of a robotic instrument stand in performance.



PicassoBot, an open source drawing arm robot that can take pictures from the computer or an Android camera and sketch them on paper. USB powered and Arduino compatible, this robot kit is perfect for learning at all ages.



For automation and robotics, LabRecon software and hardware allows one to build rich and colorful graphical interfaces with functionality created by graphical programming. A built-in server allows remote internet control.



A small humanoid with great potential. Designed with the intent of being a help to the man in all areas where human life may be in danger.its greatest characteristic is the ability to evolve according to what is required .

Build Your Own Biorobotic Remote-Control Venus Flytrap


In this talk we'll explore our project from v. 39 and the intersection of biology and robotics — by creating a demonstrating a remote-controlled Venus flytrap that can close its leaf on our command!nnWe'll:nn * Explain the project background, present state of biorobotics and future implicationsnn * Show how to make your own biorobotnn * Demonstrate a venus-flytrap closing on command!

CNCRouter Parts


CNC Router Parts offers a variety of professional, affordable parts and kits for the DIY CNC machine builder, and provides free instructions including complete 3D viewable plans for all of our CNC machine kits. At MakerFaire 2014, we will unveil our new Benchtop CNC series of small-footprint machines, and will be demonstrating them right along side our existing large-format PRO CNC machines.


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