PicassoBot, an open source drawing arm robot that can take pictures from the computer or an Android camera and sketch them on paper. USB powered and Arduino compatible, this robot kit is perfect for learning at all ages.

Smoke ring trike 2.0


Using a huge, 2 ft diameter, 6 foot long, vortex generator our trike blows giant smoke rings while being pedaled around Maker Faire. At night the trike will be lit up with EL wire and the smoke rings with LEDs.

Pisces Project


Autonomous robots equipped with cameras/ sensors/tools to: assist in monitoring the environment in/outside the space station, aid astronauts on missions, or take the public on live virtual tours of the space station.

PRAIS – the lord


''PRAIS - the lord'' (Pool playing Robotic Autonomous Intelligent System) is an autonomous, artificially intelligent robotic system that plays 8-ball pool using a mix of image processing, AI algorithms and rigid body mechanics.



Mugbot is a very small, nonproprietary robot that can speak English and move its head and eyes. It is controlled by smartphone ,tablet and PC. Mugbot can be made by Raspberry Pi, Arduino and easily obtaninable materials.

smart aquaponics – an IoT application


Humans are destroying the Earth and rushing evolution. The issue is really 'time', humans live for a short while and all want to maximize their potential, Nature is very slow. Using soilless farming and IoT technologies we will show how to create future farms that work around these issues
By modeling the earth and natures we will show how similar models can be recreated using modern technologies. Using linux, robotic technologies and aquaponics as an example we will create productive urban farms of the future that require almost no inputs from humans. n

Got Robots?


Got Robots? We do, amongst them Glider, a six-legged robot with the ability to both skate and walk, a Halloween Monster Shooting Gallery, and a global army of shoulder sitting monkeys...