ASTROGUN is an Asteroid shooting game. The player stands and has to shoot Asteroids that are coming towards him from any direction, before they hit him. A RADAR-like view helps the player locate the asteroids



The AstroPrintu2122 platform makes any 3D printer wireless, color touchscreen, and cloud aware, instantly!rnrnWith AstroPrint you can slice, organize, store, and print designs on nearly any 3D printer from any web enabled device.

Make a Tune


''Make a Tune'' is an interactive project that allows your to make a tune based on touch senescing and upload to the same to instantly which you can then access/download at your leisure.

Data Rush


Data Rush is an interactive kinetic sculpture that reflects the past, the present, and the future of our data over the internet. Specifically, it alludes to how Silicon Valley now monopolizes and leverages user information.


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