This is 1:10 robot-car which was made to take part in championships of robots like Formula 1. Robot has functions such as avoiding of obstacles, detecting colors and faces of people, following the heading of compass, GPS.



ASTROGUN is an Asteroid shooting game. The player stands and has to shoot Asteroids that are coming towards him from any direction, before they hit him. A RADAR-like view helps the player locate the asteroids

Terry Dame’s Science Music Road Show


Instrument inventor Terry Dame will perform on her original interactive, sensor driven musical instruments including the The Horn of Plenty Sounds, The Parisian Hammer and the ElectronGong Pedal.rn

Ask the GPS expert


Ask the GPS (and GNSS) Trimble experts questions about the Global Positioning System and the Global Navigation Satellite System. L1/L2/L5 GPS, L1/L2 GLONASS, E1/E5 Galileo... How all these can be useful for your project.

MakerBar’s Orbital Rendersphere 2.0


The Orbital Rendersphere 2.0 is a massive spherical display. Over 250 LED's spin at over 450 RPM to suspend visuals in midair. Users interact with the spherical display through leap motion controller console.

The SmarTwatCh


The SmarTwatCh is a gigantic wrist wearable loaded with bizarre features. The 3D-printed body holds a glass VFD, laser, TV-B-Gone, Bluetooth chip, breathalyzer, and more. Wearables don't need to be subtle!

Xronos Clock


Xronos Clock is not your average Alarm clock. It's open source, hackable and customizable. It has a stylish look, hand made, and it Talks! It has internal & external sensor such as temperature & light.

Gertie the jumping robot


Gertie is an egg-like robot that moves around by jumping! His outside is made out of silicone so that it squashes and stretches as it moves around. Swing by and press the JUMP! button to watch him hop around!


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