castAR is the premier projected augmented reality system. With the look and feel of sunglasses, castAR lets multiple users see and manipulate holographic-like images, all while still being visually grounded in the real world.

10 Wifi Projects with Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi loves Wifi. Using it to scan wifi traffic is fun and educational. With a few off the shelf components the possibilities, and projects, are endless
This presentation will cover mobile and in-home projects including:nn* Record and analyze wifi trafficn* Identify nearby access points and clientsn* Listen for rogue access points and scannersn* Use a spectrum analyzer to watch wifi signalsn

3D printed robots who learn


What if you could teach a robot to perform a task, a sort of on-the-job training? Brain Corporations team of neuroscientists have been developing an adaptive intelligence platform that will allow anyone to teach a robot a particular task, without the need for programming or knowledge of complex algorithms. In partnership with Qualcomm, we have implemented our artificial brain on a low-power, high-performance Snapdragon processor that allows the robot to see and act in its environment. Entirely 3D printed, the robot body is a mobile inverted pendulum that was developed with the UC San Diego Coordinated Robotics lab.

Add Bluetooth to your Ardunio Project


It's easy to add Bluetooth to your Arduino project enabling wireless communication with a phone or computer. Learn about the difference between Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy. I'll demonstrate iPhone and Android applications communicating with Arduino based projects.n

Arduino NFC


Learn how Near Field Communication (NFC) can be added to your Arduino project using the Adafruit or Seeed Studio NFC Shields. I'll demonstrate reading and writing NFC tags with Arduino. I'll also show to send data between Arduino and your NFC enabled

Novena: An Open Source, Do-It-Yourself Mobile Computing Platform


Novena is a quad-core ARM-based open source mobile computing platform that runs Linux. We designed and built every component in the system, from the motherboard to the case. We'll share our experiences making Novena, and demo the platform
We'll also talk about some of the more esoteric features, such as the integrated FPGA, expansion boards, and other high hack-value design highlights.

The Board Room Hour


What's in store in the world of microcontrollers? Join Massimo Banzi (Arduino), Dale Dougherty (MAKE), Jason Kridner (Beaglebone) and MAKE editors Matt Richardson and Alasdair Allan for some good conversation and debate about what these inexpensive and powerful boards can do today, but mostly what the next generations of microcontroller boards could bring.



MakerSwarm is an authoring tool for the Internet of Everything.

It's about building apps across atoms and bits that flow liquidly across the social life of products, environments, and people. MakerSwarm unlocks the power of a trillion-node world so that everyday people; kids, moms, dads, weekend tinkerers, and burgeoning entrepreneurs can build powerful and fun new products and experiences in minutes instead of weeks or months.

MakerSwarm gives the power of X-ray vision to makers, so that they can ""see"" into any of the smart devices around them, from cell phones to TV sets, from connected thermostats to wearable sensors. It's about giving them visual tools so that they can grab ahold of any capability within a device and drag and drop it into a new app that spans across a swarm of your friend's devices in a massively peer-to-peer community.

MakerSwarm lowers the bar for building never-before-seen Internet of Everything experiences and unlocks the power of Trillions so that the best makers can earn rewards in the market of ideas.