The SmarTwatCh


The SmarTwatCh is a gigantic wrist wearable loaded with bizarre features. The 3D-printed body holds a glass VFD, laser, TV-B-Gone, Bluetooth chip, breathalyzer, and more. Wearables don't need to be subtle!

Xronos Clock


Xronos Clock is not your average Alarm clock. It's open source, hackable and customizable. It has a stylish look, hand made, and it Talks! It has internal & external sensor such as temperature & light.

Gertie the jumping robot


Gertie is an egg-like robot that moves around by jumping! His outside is made out of silicone so that it squashes and stretches as it moves around. Swing by and press the JUMP! button to watch him hop around!

City Tech Makers


City Tech Makers are students and faculty members from the New York City College of Technology. You will see some of the exciting robots such as: TABIOS Robotic Hand, Twisted Sister Rover, Candy Crane, and Fire Fighting Robot

Robotics Soccer/Maze-Runner


Robot Soccer Project (Arduino platform). (age14-16) Maze/Rescue Simulation Project on (Arduino Platform). (age14-16) Cross-platform with NXT as the master processor with Arduino/Nano as the I2C slave processor. (age 11-14)

Arduino NFC


Learn how Near Field Communication (NFC) can be added to your Arduino project using the Adafruit or Seeed Studio NFC Shield. I'll demonstrate reading and writing NFC tags with Arduino. I'll also show to send data between Arduino and your NFC phone.



LUM is a smart lamp that delivers an optimal and consistent sleeping pattern for children. A self-regulated light will help kids set their bedtime routine. Children can control the lamp via their favorite stuffed animals.

The Nyckki Project


Nyckki is an architectural model project of a mega skyscraper with over 1,000 floors. It has some lighting controlled by Arduino modules and some hands-on activities related to operating a small crane/lift.rnrn

Make a Tune


''Make a Tune'' is an interactive project that allows your to make a tune based on touch senescing and upload to the same to instantly which you can then access/download at your leisure.


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