Empowering Diverse Young Techies through Soft Circuits


Young women frequently avoid electronics and programming because of its cultural stigmas and apparent lack of creativity. How do we expand computer science culture to be more inclusive to women? Here, we introduce Sew Electric -- a book that engages young people (and adults!) who don't consider themselves techies in creating technology -- by teaching electronics and programming through a series of sewable electronics projects, from building a singing plush monster to crafting a touch-sensitive fabric piano.

44 Daughters


The 44 Daughters (and Sons) suggest what is is like to be a family of girls (and boys) who are all different. They show the world that we are all the same, but also our own selves, and we should be accepted for who we are. This year, you can Make-Your-Own-Dolls. Come by my exhibit to learn how!

Astro Botanical Glow Forest


The Magical Glow Forest welcomes you! Play like a Pollenator among the giant florescent flowers! Enjoy the overwhelming fairy tale proportions in the Mega Flora space garden! The Peace of the Star Plants be with you!



The PIXELDELIC Vest is a modern piece of wearable technology created by Light-Artist Joshua Hubert. The leather vest is covered in a full color 324 LED array that can brightly display ANY pattern you can dream of.

Ele Story


Founder and designer Judy Jou, a former costume designer and mother of an energetic two year old, brings a fresh, sweet new look to classic little girls' silhouettes in her first collection.

Rory Dawson


Rory has been playing freestyle footbag and developing robotic systems since 2004. Eventually he discovered that he could combine both passions by lighting up and roboticizing footbags and shoes with LEDs and sensors.

Shopping Bag Solutions


Drop by Shopping Bag Solutions, to discover new ways to remember a bag. MAKE your own reusable bag. If you actually remembered to bring a reusable bag to the MAKE Faire, we can customize it with our solution too. Why not personalize your bag, we have rubber stamps, fabric markers/paint, stencils, velcro, etc.. Want something less permanent, select from some pages to color or blank paper.