Textiles in the Tech Space/Hacker Space


Textiles in the Tech Space/Hacker SpacennSewing, knitting, embroidery... many of these occupations are considered old fashioned and purely crafty. Certainly not things associated with the "tech space". Creating a niche for these arts in traditionally tech-heavy hackerspaces poses challenges and has considered rewards for crafters and techies alike. This is my story about what it was like to blend these two things I love so much in my communities.

100 Acts of Sewing


In 2012 Sonya Philip made one hundred dresses and she has sewn clothes ever since. Her project, 100 Acts of Sewing, started as a personal challenge and has grown to become a platform for encouraging people to think about how their clothes are made. Sonya teaches classes and workshops throughout the country, showing people that making your own clothes doesn't have to be mysterious or daunting.

San Francisco Bazaar


San Francisco Bazaar is the west coast branch of this faire. Expect a Handmade market, Indie entertainment extravaganza and D.I.Y. Festival all under one roof!rn

Critical Making in Africa: Local Manufacturing and Regional Collaboration


The idea for AfriMakers was born last year u2013 since then the AfriMakers tour, initiated by HacKIDemia, has kickstarted maker workshops focused on local challenges in 8 hubs around Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Botswana). Local teams have created air quality monitoring stations, agriculture pest maps, solar chargers, water filters, and mobile laser cutters. AfriMakers team members are going to show case some of the solutions created and discuss why using local know-how and hands-on prototyping for solving local challenges is more effective in creating access to clean water, energy, and information.