Data Rush


Data Rush is an interactive kinetic sculpture that reflects the past, the present, and the future of our data over the internet. Specifically, it alludes to how Silicon Valley now monopolizes and leverages user information.

Sound Necklace


This is a project to bring fun and playfulness into an accessory; a sound necklace. The necklace is a personal wearable instrument powered by Arduino and Waveshield. It allows the user to make music by pressing the beads.



Nest, a new stop-motion felted wool video game. Nest is a competitive, 2v2 local multiplayer game where you control cute, wobbly and wonky felted wool creatures and fight to control all the nests in the sky!

Zoa Chimerum


Jewelry made from electronic materials such as grounding wire and rubber insulation. Form emerges from incremental, growthlike process of layering handcut rubber to produce shapes resembling sea creatures, plants, and insects

Cape Cod Makers


Cape Cod Makers is engaged in promoting the Maker and DIY culture on Cape Cod through meetups, connecting local makers, hosting classes, group activities, and producing the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire.

Center Flee + c4ss4ndr4


Center Flee Smart Poi are a unique wearable performance experience. Sensor based, the in-poi LEDs change light patterns according to the calculated velocity, making a delicate conversation between performer and technology.


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