Beautiful Machines


Beautiful Machines is a band to see live, wanting to create biofeedback with the audience for an amazing experience. Each show features lights, dancers, lasers, visuals, and a futurist aesthetic.

Rupa & The April Fishes


the music of Rupa & the April Fishes pulls from eight years of street parties, many musical traditions, countless moments of joy, sorrow, loss, and transformation and a fierce independent spirit.

Fossil Fool


Fossil Fool is a conscious bike rapper that raps from the heart. Strong beats and lyrics to dance and sing to.

Will Magid


Will Magid's trumpet will take you to Havana in the summertime. It will take you to a West African wedding and, simultaneously, a French dance club. Deep pocket drums to make you dance throughout his music.

The Bbot


The Bbot is a dancing robot with a self enclosed speaker and amplification system. Inspired by the Robot Dance Party, Bbot was built by a 9 year old for Halloween and was recently featured at Marinovators and MarinIJ.

Gramofon: From Idea to Pi to Prototype to China to Kickstarter to World Domination


"The making of" for Gramofon the new Social WiFi and Social Music box that lets you stream online music through your sound system, DJ with multiple phones as the remote controls, and more.
Hear how we developed the idea, built the prototype on Raspberry Pi and open source, developed the industrial design and models and 3-D prints, then worked with the China production house and finally took it to Kickstarter (at the end!) and to the commercial market.

La Peche


Romani music from Europe and Turkey, Jazz, traditional and modern music from around the globen

Effective STEM Education: Project Envisioning with Young Makers


Explore how students become engaged with scientific and engineering practices in the Sanger Community Science Workshop, a free drop-in science workshop offered during out-of-school time. Students become 'Makers' and develop a project vision, and then work to realize that vision using a modified engineering design process. nParticipants will build simple projects from recycled materials while learning how to effectively teach and model science and engineering practices. Examples will be also be modeled and highlighted showing the intersection between making and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Ryan Cassata


Ryan Cassata is a transgender singer/songwriter credited with six records, regional and national tours, the world's biggest LGBT music festivals, the Harvey Milk Memorial Award, and several network TV appearances.


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