brandnewnoise by richard upchurch


Handheld wooden recording gadgets made in Brooklyn. With their simple face designs, these tiny works of art combine the feel of a retro handmade toy and a low-fi audio quality reminiscent of cassette tape recorders.

Ototo – Make Music from Anything


Ototo is an all-in-one musical invention kit which allows you to make an instrument any way you want. It's a synthesiser with 12 onboard touch sensitive inputs and a range of different add on sensors to make interactive sound

Bash the Trash


Bash the Trash makes musical instruments from garbage! BTT uses science to build better instruments, while working with the cheapest materials possible. Help us make some new noisemakers, and learn how to build your own!



The Smomid is a network of handmade instruments that emit light as well as sound, making use of Arduinos, many types of sensors and high powered LEDs. This network also makes use of a robotic instrument stand in performance.

Singing Laserium


The Singing Laserium is a mechanical visualization of song. Sing into either (or both for a duet) of the cans to modulate the path of a laser beam. Watch the patterns your voice creates on the wall behind the display.


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