La Peche


Romani music from Europe and Turkey, Jazz, traditional and modern music from around the globen

Effective STEM Education: Project Envisioning with Young Makers


Explore how students become engaged with scientific and engineering practices in the Sanger Community Science Workshop, a free drop-in science workshop offered during out-of-school time. Students become 'Makers' and develop a project vision, and then work to realize that vision using a modified engineering design process. nParticipants will build simple projects from recycled materials while learning how to effectively teach and model science and engineering practices. Examples will be also be modeled and highlighted showing the intersection between making and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Making/CAD: Shaping Atoms Using Bits


Carl Bass is CEO of 3D design and engineering software company Autodesk. Bass is a maker and spends his spare time building things—from chairs and tables to boats, and most recently, an electric go-kart. He'll talk about the tools that anyone can use to bring their ideas into the physical world--from CAD software to rapid prototyping by 3D printer to CNC.n

Crochet Jam


The concept of this artist demonstration is in weaving different strips of fabric—some new, some old, some even vintage—using the folk-art tradition of crocheting rag rugs to unite different communities.rnrn

meet modio, a new app that lets you design and print your own toys at home


modio, it's the new app that lets you design & customize incredible creatures and turn them into toys using a desktop 3D printer. Easy to use drag and drop functionality lets you build creatures, characters and constructs free-form or from pre-designed templates. Customization features including surface textures let you personalize your creation and then with the press of a button, your parts are magically sorted by color and prepped to print. So the app is fun but the outcome is also outstanding. With modio, you get to play! These creations are printed bit by bit and designed to snap together and provide some pretty amazing pose-ability.