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Volume and Noise


Sean's latest project, Volume And Noise, consist of a '30s Philco radio modified to speak tweets in real time.



The Whiskeydrome is a kinetic art installation inspired by Keith's Bicycle Track, an early 1900's traveling bicycle board track.

It produces furiously exciting races on an open fence track only five feet high and 26' wide.

whiskeydunk tank


The Whiskeydunk Tank is a home-made dunk tank made from an old redwood hot tub. It was made for folks to have fun and cool off on a warm day!

Whymcycles for Land & Sea


Whymcycles: Recycled Self-propulsion for Green Fun and Sociable Purposes..Tiny to Tall, Single or Many-seated, dry or drippy, level rolling or bouncy-dippy.

Wiredrawn Creations


Making inspiration... Art, jewelry, odds & ends...

World Record Paper Airplanes


The Paper Airplane Guy teaches the world record breaking paper airplane, and demonstrates dozens of others.


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