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Make It Move


Learn how to build simple animated and robotic contraptions using RC servos and a "no programming required" control circuit.

Make:SF The Bay Area Makers


Make:SF was founded in 2007 and has grown to over 1600 members through over 130 Meetups in San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. Join us to participate in mini-workshops and connect with local Makers!



Come build the booth in augmented reality on your phone/tablet! - Apps created by an independent hacker named @yosun

Makers with a Cause (Formerly “Maker Corps”)


Join "Makers with a Cause" and help us create solutions for people with special needs. With small teams, co-discovering disruptive technology solutions, with lots of learning and fun for all!

MATE Underwater Robots Invade the Maker Faire!


Join the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center to design and build your own underwater robot! Assemble a frame, attach the motors, and "fly" your robot using switch-box controls in MATE's simulated ocean.

MAXine, High milage motorcar


MAXine is a home built LoCost 7 based auto mobile, designed for both style and high fuel mileage. It is powered 660cc engine, producing 62 HP and will get 85 MPH at highway speeds

moti – the internet in a motor


We make a smart servo motor, and link it to a browser. Now, you can make things move from your phone, tablet, or any computer. Use moti with 3D-prints, or simply cardboard to build robots, products, toys, and much more!

Multi-functional Solar Tower System


Solar Tower SystemnThe efficient way to use solar power in your daily life, as the way you want!

Not Your Grandpa’s Ham Radio 2


This is our second installment of Not Your Grandpa's Ham Radio. Our latest creations mix GPS, radar, microprocessors, Arduino, ZigBee, Bluetooth, SMT, microwave and millimeter wave radio and other technologies.

Open Clock Project: Touchscreen Alarm Clock


An open hardware, Ardunio powered, touchscreen controlled, large display, multicolor LED matrix alarm clock. Intuitive design, adaptive color and brightness, and easy to see and use with uncorrected vision.

Open Source Hardware


We make fun electronic kits and help people learn how they work.

Owl Platform for the Internet of Things


The Owl Platform makes smart spaces easy to build and use. Novice and experienced developers can take advantage of libraries in multiple languages and Web API to easily build applications for the Internet of Things.

Robotic Plush Toy


My project is to motorize a plush doll or toy using Lego Mindstorm and programming it to play an interactive game.



"Shovelman has forged a perfect merger of the past and the present with his bluesy "folktronic" sound." - LA Weeklynn"Shovelman's music would be playing on the radio if Tom Waits and Les Claypool ever went on a road trip to

Show & Tell in a Ponga Picture


Ponga rediscovers the art of Show & Tell! You put love into everything you make, now you can share what you love about your Maker project with the world. Show Ponga what you've made and together we'll tell the world.

Sparkle Nexus


Sparkle Nexus is all about wearable electronics. It envisions the near future where smart objects are common. A programmable necklace, an interactive jacket. Sparkle Nexus is a demonstration of new design elements.

SpikenzieLabs Kits


Demonstrate our kits that are carried in the Maker Shed.

Spout and Spider Bots


Los Altos students demonstrate their Spider and Spout robots. Learn how they were created, what they can do, and why they work!


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