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Make:SF The Bay Area Makers


Make:SF was founded in 2007 and has grown to over 1600 members through over 130 Meetups in San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. Join us to participate in mini-workshops and connect with local Makers!



Come build the booth in augmented reality on your phone/tablet! - Apps created by an independent hacker named @yosun

Makers Must Be Owners: Defend the Right to Tinker


The creativity of new generations of makers is unleashed and new technologies make tinkering easier than ever. But that positive trend is on a collision course with another: the ever-expanding use of legal and technical restrictions on devices to limit owners' rights. It's not just whether you can open the hood; it's whether opening the hood might land you in court. Learn how we got here, what's at stake, and how you can help EFF defend the right to make.

Makey Makey


MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It's for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between.

MindMIDI Brainwave Biomusic


There is an amazing electrical symphony occurring in your brain. MindMIDI allows you to listen to this symphony, and control it in real-time, using an EEG. Effortlessly create music for fun, self-discovery, or relaxation.

moti – the internet in a motor


We make a smart servo motor, and link it to a browser. Now, you can make things move from your phone, tablet, or any computer. Use moti with 3D-prints, or simply cardboard to build robots, products, toys, and much more!

Ninja Standing Desk


Ninja Standing Desk assassinates poor ergonomics & frees you to work anywhere. Ultra-portable, micro & macro-adjustable, sit and stand, made in the USA. Designed at TechShop, Launched on Kickstarter



Noisebridge is a physical hackerspace open and welcoming to all, located in San Francisco, providing opportunities for anyone interested in programming, hardware, and technology in general.

Nostalgic Computer Nerds


A group of Bay Area computer collectors and restorers sharing their favorite toys, experiences and passion for vintage computing with all visitors.

Not Your Grandpa’s Ham Radio 2


This is our second installment of Not Your Grandpa's Ham Radio. Our latest creations mix GPS, radar, microprocessors, Arduino, ZigBee, Bluetooth, SMT, microwave and millimeter wave radio and other technologies.

Old Computers Make New Art


Old Computers Make New Art is a printmaking project that mixes technology with traditional media. Participants will create prints using old computer parts and white, gold, and silver ink on black paper.

Open Source Hardware


We make fun electronic kits and help people learn how they work.

Optical Calliope


Calliopes are traditionally sound machines driven by steam. Built on the steam train technology, they proved to be a short-lived phenomenon due to their unwieldy size and difficulty to control.

Owl Platform for the Internet of Things


The Owl Platform makes smart spaces easy to build and use. Novice and experienced developers can take advantage of libraries in multiple languages and Web API to easily build applications for the Internet of Things.

Polarized Hidden Images


Are those screens really blank? Pick up a pair of the polarized glasses and see the hidden images on the screens.



The robot uprising is smaller than you think. Pxlbots are pixel-based robots, custom designed and hand built by Bay Area designer Jared Benson. Swing by and celebrate beautiful, chunky pixels with us.

RepRap – Make your own 3D printer


Bay Area RepRap supports enthusiasts in building their own 3D printers. RepRap is the first of the low-cost 3D printers and started the open-source 3D printer revolution.


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