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Rob Bell: Zome Architect


The Zomes of Rob Bell have delighted travelers far and wide who have been drawn to their alluring forms. Rob will explain what Zomes are, how they are built and how you can have one too.

Robot Garden @ i-GATE


Robot Garden is a new makerspace in Livermore California in partnership with the i-GATE Innovation Hub. We promote innovation and interest in STEAM by using robotics and creative or artistic projects to inspire and educate.



Build big with playing cards! SKALLOPS are laser-cut wooden clips that hold cards together to help you build amazing things. From houses to hats, triangular trusses to T-rexes, there's no limit to the things you can create!

Steampunk Contraptions


Electronic Steampunk inspired projects and props from recycled materials. Build your own contraptions that have the Victorian Era look. Projects; The Elixirator, Steampunk Raygun, Don't Open Till Doomsday, Mayan Clock.

Stilt Factory


Stilt Factory- We demonstrate our stilt making design and creation process as shown on We make the sport and art of stilt walking understandable, accessible and fun to all who are interested.

Tandem Scooter


Double the fun on a Tandem Scooter. Great for a cruise by the beach, it allows couples to be together, and helps people learn to skateboard. Easy to use, they are adult-friendly fun and great exercise!

The Athenian School


Students from the The Athenian School in Danville CA will be exhibiting their final projects from various classes supported by our Makers Studio facility.

The Big Harmonograph


This machine draws concentric spirals harmonizing with each other in the same way that musical note frequencies harmonize with each other. The difference in the scale of sound waves to the drawing's waves is 1:1000

The Plight of the Pendulum


My Plight of the Pendulum consists of six aluminum rectangles, each of varying dimensions, suspended on a steel rod to swing at sequential frequencies. A sort of vertical snake pendulum, it is framed and supported by pine.

The Primitive Side of Archery


The Primitive side of Archery started as a hobby. I became interested in traditional archery a while ago, and started building traditional wooden bows, which I will exhibit here at the maker faire.

The Trebuchette


The Trebuchette is a laser-cut, desktop-sized siege engine kit that snaps together in ten minutes, no glue or tools required. It can easily throw a bouncy ball down the hall, or lob a paper ball over a cubicle wall!

Thenagain Bomber


The Thenagain Bomber is a 4 person pedal car that was made both for the Handcar Regatta in Santa Rosa, CA and for fun outings to the local pub!

Touchy bot


Our projects began with a multitouch surface, which will be controlling a robot made to transmit live data. A Raspberry located on the robot will allow it to have full communication.

Turner Family Musical Instruments


A sampling of family built and vintage collected instruments displaying a variety of musical traditions and styles. Live ukulele building demos periodically. Presented by master guitar maker Rick Turner son Elias.

Urban Octopus


Unique T-shirts and Wall art, art and designs all represent my passions in my life...from my travels, to my love for teach people to be inspired by art, bicycles and printmaking....

WALL-E Robot Replica Project


The project began in October of 2007 with the formation of the WALL-E Builders Club on Yahoo Groups. Over time, we were able to obtain still images and reference from the Pixar movie \"WALL-E\".



The Whiskeydrome is a kinetic art installation inspired by Keith's Bicycle Track, an early 1900's traveling bicycle board track.

It produces furiously exciting races on an open fence track only five feet high and 26' wide.


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