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Open Source Hardware


We make fun electronic kits and help people learn how they work.

Optical Calliope


Calliopes are traditionally sound machines driven by steam. Built on the steam train technology, they proved to be a short-lived phenomenon due to their unwieldy size and difficulty to control.

PVC Pipe Instrument


This is a percussion pipe instrument made from 2" PVC. Each note is "tuned" to the right note by cutting pipes to specific lengths and wound around each other in a frame. Paddles made from flip flops are used to play notes.

Rebelneers : a maker’s club


RMC is a student club within UNLV. We exist to foster an atmosphere around the love of making things. Our goal is to understand and become better makers of the world around us through tinkering and presentation of projects.

Robot Dance Party!


Musical dancing robots! What more is there to say?

Scotty Maxx


The Bay Area's favorite retro/future electric/acoustic roving melodica dance party.



Whup music = Afro-Latin and marching percussion mixed w/ bluegrass, gospel, indie rock. All w/ an Ecotopian political edge.



"Shovelman has forged a perfect merger of the past and the present with his bluesy "folktronic" sound." - LA Weeklynn"Shovelman's music would be playing on the radio if Tom Waits and Les Claypool ever went on a road trip to

SoundGameSpace: Mythos


All the stories in the world are disappearing. Players compete across history to recover lost stories and create their own.

Sour Mash Hug Band


Virtuosic gypsy violin, 1920s style swing, hot jazz .and Yiddish song, the Sour Mash Hug Band evokes an era that never quite existed. Paris in the 30s, New Orleans in the 10s, its hard to say...

Space Palette – a 3D Musical/Visual Instrument


The Space Palette is a musical and visual instrument that lets you play music and paint visuals simultaneously by using the holes of a wood frame as multiple three-dimensional mouse pads floating in mid-air.

SpikenzieLabs Kits


Demonstrate our kits that are carried in the Maker Shed.

T,E.D. (Transformations, Emotional Deconstruction)


T,E.D. is a large, wall-based installation consisting of an array of Teddy Ruxpin dolls that speak emotional content gathered from the web via synthetic speech with animated mouths, with music by Carlos Severe Marcelin.

TARDIS Tesla by CamDAX


TARDIS Tesla is a lightning performance/game involving two large tesla coils, and a replica TARDIS, and sonic screwdriver TV remotes.

The Big Harmonograph


This machine draws concentric spirals harmonizing with each other in the same way that musical note frequencies harmonize with each other. The difference in the scale of sound waves to the drawing's waves is 1:1000

The Infinite Guitar


The Infinite Guitar is designed around the idea you only really need one guitar to jam to every tune. The Infinite Guitar breaks into multiple, interchangeable pieces that effect its performance.

The Pedal Powered Stage


Work as a team with other Faire goers to Pedal Power great local music.

The Pop Culture Guide to Open Source


How do you explain why working openly is important to people who have no idea what "open source software" is? You tell the story of transparency, collaboration, and rapid prototyping through the broad language of pop culture.

The Singing LED Papapa Party Shirt


The Singing LED Papapa Party Shirt is an LED-music party shirt that flashes different colored LEDs and plays music.

Trash Amps Portable Speakers


TRASH AMPS turns "trash" into portable speakers for MP3 & GUITAR. We built the SODA CAN SPEAKER, now it's your turn. Build your own TRASH AMP using our new SPEAKER UPCYCLE KIT and show the world how you REUSE IT FOR MUSIC.


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