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Captain Crepe Pan


I make cast iron crepe pans in Wisconsin. I make the wooden utensils to cook with. I sell them online at I make a pretty tasty crepe to eat as well.

CCA Cross-Section


CCA Cross-Section: A group selection of exciting projects made recently at California College of the Arts.

Chairman Truck


Using secret recipes from the Little Red Cookbook, The Chairman Truck is leading the Great Culinary Leap Forward. Our food is inspired by the original street food of Asia: it's bold, spicy, unique, fast and delicious. We offer steamed and baked buns that use the freshest ingredients that are savory and addictive.

Chemistry Gibberish


Chemistry Gibberish explores the fascinating world of chemistry and allows you to make up a little batch of silly putty while your parents see fun chemistry products. You might even get lucky and see super cold chemistry!

Cheng Concrete


Geared for professional contractors, designers, do-it yourselfers and makers, CHENG Concrete is a complete online how-to center offering ideas for designing with concrete, instructional video and drawings, and a full line of products for individuals to craft their own concrete projects. The CHENG Concrete Product Line includes a full range of mixes, color, project molds, sealer, wax, tools, accessories, books and DVDs. CHENG Concrete makes it easy for you to make expressive, functional, beautiful and cost-friendly projects for your home and garden.

Chris Jefferies: Wireless Sensor Network Maker


Chris is a DIY enthusiast focused on simple, inexpensive, wireless sensor networks and home automation. He'll show us how sensors can track temperature, light, and gas presence in your home. He'll cover the basics of how to build your own inexpensive wireless sensor network using Raspberry Pi, XBee, and Python to track sensor data and store it on the web.

Hosted by MAKE's Matt Richardson.



A video game system for embedded hobbyists. Compatible with many microcontrollers, e.g.: AVR / Arduino, PIC, ARM, anything with SPI.



{cocoa}'s hand crafted chocolate is made using pure origin vintages that go beyond sustainable, fair trade cocoa beans. Chocolate that is casual , instinctual andnecessary. Something you can eat anytime , anywhere, EVERYDAY.

Community Science Workshop Network Project


The Community Science Workshop Network Project supports hands-on science education in low-income communities throughout California. We build science projects using trash, junk, and recycled materials. Come build with us!

Cradle Duende


Cradle Duende presents a combination of Kezmer and Flamenco "cklezmenco" with an infusion of reggae and cumbia dance rhythms. Cradle Duende takes its name from the Spanish word "cduende", in reference to a musically heightened

Creating in the Digital and Physical


Abdulrahman will show how kids are engaging in diverse creative experiences while building digital-physical artifacts using Scratch ( connected to sensors and motors, including a Scratch chain reaction!



CROCHET JAM is a community-base art project using the African-American folk-art tradition of crocheting rag rugs. Participants share stories while making large works of art and bringing together people from across society.

Crowd-Powered Bridge Design and Research Projects


Brainstorm, sketch, prototype, design, and build a massive bridge with other Makers! Also, don't miss out on interacting with our lab's research projects!

Crowdsourcing Space


Crowdsource the Final Frontier! Meet the people who raised funds for building satellites, rockets and more! They will tell their success stories, and give advice to future space project Makers.

CuriOdyssey Mobile Museum


Visit CuriOdyssey's Mobile Museum to experiment hands-on with gears, gadgets, and mechanical science exhibits. Try out your maker skills by designing, creating, and testing your own wind-powered vehicle on our test track!



This CyberDollhouse was made from an iMac G3 computer which we gutted and recreated as an interactive party pad for LEGO peeps and their pals.

Dangerous Eventualities & other puppet shows


Stilters escort your dreams & longings to a place where they hang just out of reach.

Darkmatter – Open Source XBox Laptop & DIY Kit


World's first 3D printed, Lasercut, Open Source Arduino compatible Xbox Laptop that you can buy fully assembled or in DIY kit form.


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