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Laser tag with 1/16 RC Battle Tanks


We play laser tag with 1/16 scale tanks. The RC tanks range from kits to scratch built.

Lazer Craze


Come experience the power of light! Our hands-on exhibits include a laser etch-a-sketch that draws with light, a laser harp, and light wands. And, if you think you're sneaky enough, try to make it through our LASER MAZE!

Learn how to sail radio control boats


The San Francisco Model Yacht Club will provide hands-on instruction to kids and adults in learning the skills of sailing R/C sailboats and operating R/C powerboats.

LEGO Microscopes


Come learn how to build a microscope using LEGO bricks! The LEGO microscope is designed to teach optics at the middle and high school level and uses 3D printed parts to hold lenses in place and a cameraphone to display images

Life-Size Mousetrap


The Life Size Mousetrap is a fantastically hand crafted, 16 piece, 50,000-lb. interactive kinetic sculpture set atop a 6,500-square-foot game board. This giant Rube Goldberg style contraption comes complete with a Vaudevillian style show, original Musical score by the one woman band Esmerelda Strange, Sexy Mice can-can dancers, clown workers, acrobatic hi jinks, and other spectacular scenes dedicated to the pursuit of spectacle-laden fun!

Lil Top


Lil Top is the worlds smallest circus tent. So small in fact, I had to add a second story.

Litewall, Interactive Video, DIY Games, DMA SJSU


The LiteWall, DIY Video Arcade, Interactive Video Installation and Quakebot, a variety of interactive projects developed at the Digital Media Art Program at SJSU.

Love & Rockets & Foam Weapons


Foam, PVC, and duct tape is what I use to recreate historic weaponry. These swords, cudgels, and axes are fun to use in mock battles.

Magician Bryan Patrick


Bryan Patrick's Super Rock n Roll Magic Show. Rock Of Ages And A Show For All Ages. All Shows Include Audience Participation and Ramdom Acts Of Amazement. Don't Miss Bryan Patrick The Magician So Amazing, He Amazes Himself!

Make It Move


Learn how to build simple animated and robotic contraptions using RC servos and a "no programming required" control circuit.

Maker Camp


Visit the Maker Camp exhibit to learn more about Maker Camp on Google+ this summer from July 8th - August 16th. Plus, make your own duct tape wallet and LED pin. You'll also be able to grab more information about joining Maker Camp in July.

Maker Shed


The staff of MAKE has selected kits, tools, microcontrollers, crafts, souvenirs, and other fun stuff for sale.



Come build the booth in augmented reality on your phone/tablet! - Apps created by an independent hacker named @yosun

Makey Makey


MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It's for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between.

Marshmallow Shoooters


You can design & build your own Marshmallow Shooter from precut PVC parts @ Maker Faire and test your accuracy Hit the Bulls-eye!! Fun for all ages.

MindMIDI Brainwave Biomusic


There is an amazing electrical symphony occurring in your brain. MindMIDI allows you to listen to this symphony, and control it in real-time, using an EEG. Effortlessly create music for fun, self-discovery, or relaxation.

Model Roller Coasters!


Acceleration by gravity changes potential energy to kinetic energy for a steel marble on a track. Today, make a Quick Coaster using our supplies to see if your gravity coaster gets a marble in a cup!

Nostalgic Computer Nerds


A group of Bay Area computer collectors and restorers sharing their favorite toys, experiences and passion for vintage computing with all visitors.


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