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Buluchu & The Little Red House


Buluchu handmade handbags, scarfs, and fashion accessories with passion and care. It is also a place where passion meets creation.

The Little Red House love to keep doing art and spread the happiness via her art. Her mission is to bring everyone back to his or her childhood moment.

BVHM Duct Tape Creations


Duct Tape CreationsrnCome and try your hand at making useful items out of duct tape and a few common objects. Sixth graders from Buena Vista Horace Mann (K-8 school from the Mission District) will be instructing in both English and Spanish.

C Westbrook Designs


3D Printed, Laser Cut and Handmade jewelry, iPhone (and soon Galaxy S3) cases, gifts, etc designed by me, a native San Francisco Bay Area artist. Concentrating mostly on Victorian and Steampunk inspired designs.

Caine’s Arcade: From a Movie to a Movement


The phenomenal story of how "Caine's Arcade" - a viral short film about a 9 year old boy's DIY cardboard arcade - launched a global movement of cardboard creativity in kids & classrooms around the world.

Camp Couture -The Recycled Fashion


Camp Couture will present the Recycled Collection 2013 - A fashion/runway exhibition where all the garments have been up-cycled to create a sustainable collection. Be prepared to be awed!

Ceallach Dyes: solar dyed yarn and fiber


I make solar dyed yarns and fibers using homegrown solar ovens, built from recycled materials. This process is low immersion, using less water than other dye processes, and is done completely outside in nature.

Chabot Telescope Makers


The Chabot Telescope Makers will demonstrate telescope mirror making and testing, as well as answer questions about amateur astronomy in general.

Chris Yates Studios


I make hand-cut painted wooden jigsaw puzzles called Bafflers, that are a modern take on the traditional inlaid-tray puzzle, using a variety of themes and sculptural elements. Here's a gallery of my best work from the last 9 years:



{cocoa}'s hand crafted chocolate is made using pure origin vintages that go beyond sustainable, fair trade cocoa beans. Chocolate that is casual , instinctual andnecessary. Something you can eat anytime , anywhere, EVERYDAY.

Cody Vrosh & Binary Winter Press


Binary Winter Press (artist Cody Vrosh and writer Sheatiel Sarao) creates original art, books and hand screen printed t-shirts, ties, and scarves inspired by the things they love best, from satellites to steampunk, Art Nouveau to robots. Everything is handmade in an eco-friendly and vegan workshop.

Cosmic Bath & Beauty


we are an indie bath & beauty company from the heart of california. we design and make everything from handmade soap & lip balm to a complete line of all natural mineral makeup. everything is made in small batches to ensure quality and we take great pride in keeping our line affordable.

Crazy Picasso with Running Sensors


An innovative DIY project that combines the application of electrical sensors and a new type of 3D art design together for fast prototyping is presented.

Creative Reuse: Piano Head to Tail


Old pianos contain a wealth of materials that can be used to make wonderful new creations.



CROCHET JAM is a community-base art project using the African-American folk-art tradition of crocheting rag rugs. Participants share stories while making large works of art and bringing together people from across society.

Crocheting Throughout the Generations: Learning from Gran, Teaching My Own Kids


My talk is about my Scottish Grandmother, who was a Mill worker in the Coats Thread Mill from the age of 14 and how she taught me to crochet at a young age. I went on to pass the knowledge of crochet down to my own children and how important it is to pass on our knowledge to others.

Cuddlefish Press


Cuddlefish Press creates fun prints for nurseries, children's rooms and other magical spaces. All items are designed and printed by San Francisco illustrator Erica Sirotich.


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