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Kinect 3D Scanner


I have created a 3d scanner that utilizes a Microsoft Kinect. Professional 3D scanners are very expensive and I am hoping that the whole system will cost less than $150. This project uses free software and simple components.

Kinect Open VJ Platform


Open VJ Platform is a project aimed at providing performers with an easy way to create engaging real-time visuals for performances. Workshops

Exhibit offers a variety of hands-on workshops, including Robotics, Game Programming, Music, & Troubleshooting. We often work in cooperation with individual schools or districts, & the San Mateo County STEM program.

Lego Tank


Lego tank controlled by an Arduino using an Android phone as a remote control.

Litewall, Interactive Video, DIY Games, DMA SJSU


The LiteWall, DIY Video Arcade, Interactive Video Installation and Quakebot, a variety of interactive projects developed at the Digital Media Art Program at SJSU.

Live Music Visuals


This project takes live audio and generates visual imagery that responds in real-time. It extracts pitch and amplitude information which is used to drive various aspects of the visualization including size, color and position

Maker Shed


The staff of MAKE has selected kits, tools, microcontrollers, crafts, souvenirs, and other fun stuff for sale.



Come build the booth in augmented reality on your phone/tablet! - Apps created by an independent hacker named @yosun

Makers Must Be Owners: Defend the Right to Tinker


The creativity of new generations of makers is unleashed and new technologies make tinkering easier than ever. But that positive trend is on a collision course with another: the ever-expanding use of legal and technical restrictions on devices to limit owners' rights. It's not just whether you can open the hood; it's whether opening the hood might land you in court. Learn how we got here, what's at stake, and how you can help EFF defend the right to make.

Makers with a Cause (Formerly “Maker Corps”)


Join "Makers with a Cause" and help us create solutions for people with special needs. With small teams, co-discovering disruptive technology solutions, with lots of learning and fun for all!

Meet HS Student Robot Designers from WRRF


Designing robots demonstrates creativity & problem solving skills. Find out how from high-school students! By Western Region Robotics Forum, a not-for-profit group inspiring STEM interests in young people.

Meet The Fenn


Meet the Fenn, the furry alien creatures who want to be your friend. A must see for children, robot enthusiasts, and lovers of all things cute.



MICILE (mobile computing unleashed) is a Linux based OS and IDE that boots a tablet off of a microSD card. Interface with your tablet using your web browser and develop your own application in the Python scripting language.

Monkeying Around


A creepy monkey robot controlled by arduino that interacts with civilians at maker faire. We werealso thinking about incorporating clashing drum cymbals and a fez hat for more of a cartoony effect. We are looking to make i

moti – the internet in a motor


We make a smart servo motor, and link it to a browser. Now, you can make things move from your phone, tablet, or any computer. Use moti with 3D-prints, or simply cardboard to build robots, products, toys, and much more!

Ninja Blocks


Ninja Blocks is a powerful platform that lets anyone create Internet of Things Applications. The Ninja Block is 100% open source, and includes a BeagleBone and an Arduino. Once online it can unify your connected devices.


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