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BPS Makes!: Mobile MakerCarts in Schools


Join us in our discussion about this flexible platform that brings Fab Lab tools centered on craft, and studio-based processes into the classroom, and make a physical book that interacts with events programmed in Scratch.

Broadening Participation through E-Textiles


This session examines strategies for broadening participation in the Maker Community through e-textiles, which have sparked the first ever female-dominated electronics hobbyist community around soft circuits.

Building in 3 Dimensions with ModiBot


Design and build a universe of creatures and characters powered by 3d printing and your own imagination!

Building with ModiBot


ModiBot is a 3d printed, figure-based build system of interchangeable ball & socket connectors. Users choose from over 400 parts to create their own imaginative creatures, robots, heroes and play scenes.

BVHM Duct Tape Creations


Duct Tape CreationsrnCome and try your hand at making useful items out of duct tape and a few common objects. Sixth graders from Buena Vista Horace Mann (K-8 school from the Mission District) will be instructing in both English and Spanish.

Caine’s Arcade: From a Movie to a Movement


The phenomenal story of how "Caine's Arcade" - a viral short film about a 9 year old boy's DIY cardboard arcade - launched a global movement of cardboard creativity in kids & classrooms around the world.

Camp Couture -The Recycled Fashion


Camp Couture will present the Recycled Collection 2013 - A fashion/runway exhibition where all the garments have been up-cycled to create a sustainable collection. Be prepared to be awed!

Chubby Ball


Remote controlled transparent sphere

City X Project


Using 3D printing, modeling and scanning to imagine a better future with kids around the world. Join to learn the basics of 3D printing and modeling and how we're bringing these tools to schools around the world.

Community Science Workshop Network Project


The Community Science Workshop Network Project supports hands-on science education in low-income communities throughout California. We build science projects using trash, junk, and recycled materials. Come build with us!

Compressed Air Rockets


Come build and launch a compressed air rocket! These rockets first appeared in MAKE Magazine and have since wowed crowds by the thousands. This will be our 5th time at Maker Faire Bay Area.

Crazy Monkees


Crazy Monkees ! - The first game from Bayrocket Media soon to be for iOS,Android,Mac and the Web. Built with the help of the Gamesalad platform.

Crazy Picasso with Running Sensors


An innovative DIY project that combines the application of electrical sensors and a new type of 3D art design together for fast prototyping is presented.

Creating in the Digital and Physical


Abdulrahman will show how kids are engaging in diverse creative experiences while building digital-physical artifacts using Scratch ( connected to sensors and motors, including a Scratch chain reaction!



This CyberDollhouse was made from an iMac G3 computer which we gutted and recreated as an interactive party pad for LEGO peeps and their pals.

Design with the Lawrence Hall of Science


Design, build, and test with the Lawrence Hall of Science. Take a hydraulic system challenge to lift a pumpkin or operate a crane. Ride a bike on a virtual playground, play with giant games, and test fun TechHive prototypes.

DIY Cardboard Village


DIY will be providing the space and resources for kids to create their own Cardboard Village, and documenting the entire process with time lapse video.

Diyode Codeshield


The Diyode Codeshield, a better way to approach 'Intro to Arduino'

Doing Nothing is Good for You?


A study on the beneficial effects of meditation on the brain and a person's well being, as demonstrated through research and biofeedback.


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