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From Trash to Treasure – Easy Fun Jewelry Making


Get Crafty! Make beautiful, thoughtful jewelry in a flash with The Crafty Store's exclusive line of natural brass and pewter findings, made right here in the Bay Area.

Giant Cardboard Robots


We are Giant. We are Cardboard. We are Robots. The revolution will be corrugated.

Holistic Hooping


Holistic Hooping offers their Flow Zone once again! Along with hand-crafted hoops and other flow tools for your use, you can watch them make your hoop and learn how to hoopdance all in one place- fun for the whole family!

Hosting Open Makes At Your Organization


The Tech, Lawrence Hall of Science, and Exploratorium share on hosting Open Makes. They'll focus on hosting Makes leading up to Maker Faire, the benefits to your organization, your guests, local Makers, and the world!

How to make a doll that is UGLY!


nI will teach kids of all ages how to create a doll that is very ugly using 100% sustainable fabrics and resources. Machine sewing and hand sewing will be taught.

Jodan Gray: True Chip Till Death


CHIPMUSIC has hit the mainstream in movies like Scott Pilgrim, but where did it come from & how is it made? STARPAUSE will fill you in, perform a live tracking demo & provide a zine pointing to more 8BIT software and sounds.

Jungle Re-use


Build a Giant Jungle made out of recycled SCRAP materials or make your own jungle creature!

Laminar Flow Fountain


Laminar flow fountain is experimenting with water flow. Piper Comanche was one of the first planes with laminar flow wing, just like my N5063P.

LED’s and Trees : Electronic Wood


A woodcarving is suspended by a cable truss installation, mounted with blinking LED's, sensors, xbees, and wood in a dynamic, interactive installation. What more could you ask for at Maker Faire? Ok - we don't have fire.

Making IT


Interior Design Students at SJSU experiment with green materials such as 3D printed wood, metal and ceramics and laser cut coconut and leaves to make cool products for your home office and for you to wear.

Making, Innovation and Education


Fab Lab San Diego features an interactive installation focused on the future of education. Explore how digital fabrication and related technologies can enable creative and engaging learning experiences.

Mechanical wings and puppets


Francis the hand acutated puppet and his controller a mechanical wing wearing entity, not to be scoffed at.

Metal Arts Guild – metal arts workshops and demos


Demos and Hands on Workshops in a variety of metal working techniques nled by members of Metal Arts Guild and Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild

Paper Patterns


Textile Designer and Wearable Art Designer Scatha G Allison will present a capsule collection of Paper Dresses, Jackets and Coats constructed from a variety of papers, embellished and treated like fabrics.

Princess Pamela’s World


I have always loved creating! I make clothing, bags, and accessories out of recycled and new items. I love what I do!

RAFT’s Build It, Learn It, Teach It


RAFT is at the corner where modern teaching practice meets creative thinking, hands-on learning, and playful tinkering.

Recycle Pants into a Skirt


Learn how to take old pants and recycle them into a new skirt. Short or long, skinny or full, I'll help you arrive with unwanted pants and leave with a skirt you'll love.

Robot Brigade


Meet the Robots of Robot Brigade: CookieBot autonomously cuts custom designed cookies, PhotoBot works as an all-in-one photobooth robot, and D-Bugs are incarnations of common HW and SW bugs.

Scotty Maxx


The Bay Area's favorite retro/future electric/acoustic roving melodica dance party.



A 30 mph, 30 mile range, 1 hour recharging, 1000+ MPGe electric recumbent tadpole cargo trike compatible with XtraCycle equipment and accessories. All Shimano 27-speed components and grip shifters. No pedaling necessary.


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