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McPuzo & Trotsky


Brand new songs from 1921 to enlighten and amuse! Particle physics, unruly mobs, mass transit, and insect romance!

Musical Instruments: The Slaperoo & The Noodle


Andy Graham is an inventor, musician, and owner of Slaperoo Percussion
Andy has been inventing and performing music for many years. He holds US patent #8,288,642 for his innovative electric percussion products.

Optical Calliope


Calliopes are traditionally sound machines driven by steam. Built on the steam train technology, they proved to be a short-lived phenomenon due to their unwieldy size and difficulty to control.

Pen-Pop DIY Movie Palace


Check out four DIY movie activities! Please, DO bring your cell-phones into the theaters! DO pirate the movies and post online! All ages Welcome! A hands-on inquiry into vision, light, and the art of making movies!

Robot Dance Party!


Musical dancing robots! What more is there to say?



Whup music = Afro-Latin and marching percussion mixed w/ bluegrass, gospel, indie rock. All w/ an Ecotopian political edge.

Sour Mash Hug Band


Virtuosic gypsy violin, 1920s style swing, hot jazz .and Yiddish song, the Sour Mash Hug Band evokes an era that never quite existed. Paris in the 30s, New Orleans in the 10s, its hard to say...



Swap-O-Rama-Rama is the world's largest clothing swap with a series of do-it-yourself textile/accessory workshops guided by local designers.

Swap-o-Rama-Rama Trashion Show


Swap-o-Rama-Rama presents its annual Trashion Show, showcasing fashion made from recycled materials. Featuring local designers Loose Threads, Camp Couture, Window Lady, and more! Produced by Artiffact.

Symphony of the Soil + Filmmaker Q&A


A special screening of the feature documentary of SYMPHONY OF THE SOIL, the latest documentary by filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia. SYMPHONY OF THE SOIL explores the evolution and importance of soil in today's world.

Team Kiss My Snake


We will race to glory at the PPPRS racing series in our pink Barbie Army Jeep!

The Pedal Powered Stage


Work as a team with other Faire goers to Pedal Power great local music.

Thenagain Bomber


The Thenagain Bomber is a 4 person pedal car that was made both for the Handcar Regatta in Santa Rosa, CA and for fun outings to the local pub!



Trashion Show at SWAP O RAMA RAMA, Saturday May 18th, 3:00PM. Come and see my Re-Made "Trashion" designs. Totally original creations made completely of recycled clothing and other textiles! EVERYONE IS INVITED:)

WaterBoy & BubbleHead


WaterBoy & BubbleHead are underwater performance art - on land! Part spectacle, part mad science and part tent revival, WaterBoy is hard to explain but impossible to forget.



The Whiskeydrome is a kinetic art installation inspired by Keith's Bicycle Track, an early 1900's traveling bicycle board track.

It produces furiously exciting races on an open fence track only five feet high and 26' wide.

You Become Art


You become art! Cute, glamorous, funny, or scary... I customize face paint & body art for Faire participants & patrons. Water-based paints are comfy, easily removed with soap & water. Temporary tattoo inks last a few days.

Zeke Kossover


Physics demonstrations that most teachers are too afraid to do.


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