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In Search of A Killer App for Electric Cars


Today, Electric Car market is in desperate need of a "Killer App." Without it, EVs might not be able to graduate from their current status as a niche product. Dr. Valery Miftakhov will share his thoughts on what such a Killer App for electric cars might be. He will review the progress his group of EV enthusiasts (dubbed "EMW", or Electric Motor Werks) made against the three major areas with a potential for being killer apps: Electric Car Conversions, Universal Range Extenders and Mobile Fast Charge.

Justin Grays fire sculpture robots in the sand!


Justin Gray builds robots, fire art and just about anything he imagines. Come see what he has created in his lab this past winter! We promise you will be blown away!

Karmin Projects


5 examples of Karmin Solar Projects which illustrate the engineering and future of alternative energy in street legal vehicles, usage of solar power in everyday situations, and fun projects exhibited at Burning Man

Lighthouse Community Charter School Makers


LCCS is featuring a group of high school students who have created their own projects to display at the Faire. We are working to bring making and the maker mindset to all of our students from K to 12 in Oakland, CA

Makerspace School Projects


High school students from our pilot group of 15 Makerspace schools will be exhibiting their final projects. Projects may include converted go-karts, knitted skirts, bicycle-wheel basketball hoops, and stained glass!

Mostly Simple Motion


Simple electric vehicles and some of the machines used to build them.

Motorized Barcalounger


It looks like an ordinary 1970's era black vinyl recliner... but the secret is concealed inside - bwah ha ha ha! The electric wheelchair concealed beneath allows for the ultimate in laziness and nerd-geekiness combined!!

Motorized La-Z-Boy


Powered by a 36 volt, 55 ampere-hour battery back and a 6 Horsepower permanent magnet AC motor, the motorized La-Z-Boy is the ultimate leisure vehicle. It is capable of speeds up to 20 MPH
(Photo copyright Sheila Masson)

Node.JS Robot / Intreadible Modular Treads

Exhibit nA Large Wifi Deploying Aluminum Tank Style Robot Platform from Artisan's Asylum and Northeastern University. In addition, a modular tread system for others to use to make big robots.

Obtainium Works


Obtainium Works in Vallejo, CA specializes in vehicular art pieces built from "obtainium" including the Neverwas Haul, the Mad Hatter Teapot, the LB&O Trolley and our newest project, the Mechanical Horse.

One Person Hovercraft


I built a battery powered hovercraft that I sit on and steer.

Playa Bumper Car


Open Source personal vehicle for the Playa

Power Racing Series


Through our innovative racing series, we make engineering entertaining and approachable. We work to advance technology education and encourage people to try something new.

Powerwheels Racing


First time Power Wheels Racing Team!

Radio Controlled Submarine


A scratch built five foot radio controlledrnRussian submarine with on board air compressor

RC Stealth Spy Mobile


This is a scratch-built remote controlled, super stealth, three-wheeled spy mobile. It has front mounted camera for spying and Nerf gun for attacking as needed.

Revolution in Oakland:Turning a Gas Truck Electric


Oakland,CA Lighthouse Community Charter High School's 1991 Ford Ranger Electric Truck converted by three High School students with different career perspectives.

Robot Garden @ i-GATE


Robot Garden is a new makerspace in Livermore California in partnership with the i-GATE Innovation Hub. We promote innovation and interest in STEAM by using robotics and creative or artistic projects to inspire and educate.


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