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How to make a doll that is UGLY!


nI will teach kids of all ages how to create a doll that is very ugly using 100% sustainable fabrics and resources. Machine sewing and hand sewing will be taught.

How to use a sewing machine


Learn to use a sewing machine and make a cool green grocery bag, gloves, simple purse and or a wallet.

Light-Up Wearables


What do you get when you cross fashion with technology? Geekwear - fashionable wearables with soft circuits designed and sewn by KikiMaker and other PDX Young Makers.

Lil Top


Lil Top is the worlds smallest circus tent. So small in fact, I had to add a second story.

Love and Rockets and Wool


Needle felting uses wool fabric, and wool roving, and with special, sharp, notched needles I stab the roving into the fabric to make a picture. The needle tangles the fibers together, so I can make pretty pictures.

Make a Jean Purse


Make a jean purse from recycled jeans.

Make:SF The Bay Area Makers


Make:SF was founded in 2007 and has grown to over 1600 members through over 130 Meetups in San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. Join us to participate in mini-workshops and connect with local Makers!

Meet The Fenn


Meet the Fenn, the furry alien creatures who want to be your friend. A must see for children, robot enthusiasts, and lovers of all things cute.

Needle Felted Soft Circuits


Nothing goes together better than sheep and electricity, right? Shannon Henry will convince you with her needle felted soft circuit examples, and pass on some tips for making your own.

OpenSprinkler: An Open-Source Sprinkler Timer


OpenSprinkler is an open-source web-based sprinkler / irrigation timer. It works with standard 24VAC sprinkler valves. Featuring web-based interface, expandable zones, built-in LCD, Ethernet controller and USB programmer.



OtherFab is blending hardware innovation with accessible software and an inclusive community to transform the way our world is designed and manufactured.

Paper Patterns


Textile Designer and Wearable Art Designer Scatha G Allison will present a capsule collection of Paper Dresses, Jackets and Coats constructed from a variety of papers, embellished and treated like fabrics.

Peninsula Quilters Opportunity Quilt


Peninsula Quilters Guild 2013 Opportunity Quilt "Aztec"

Photorealistic Gadget Pouches


Want a canvas pouch that looks exactly like a cassette tape? Or an iPhone? Or a taco? Easy, all you need is a camera and an inkjet printer.

POWER STRIPES: To Improve Figure / Physique NOW!


Two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and one-third are obese. Here are two pairs of shirts, identical in every respect, except that one shirt in each pair has lines that improve figure or physique. This is very subtle.

Princess Pamela’s World


I have always loved creating! I make clothing, bags, and accessories out of recycled and new items. I love what I do!

Print a Book Cover and Bind a Simple Notebook


Stop by the SFCB table to print your own book cover and then bind a simple notebook to keep track of all your Maker Faire adventures.

Recycle Pants into a Skirt


Learn how to take old pants and recycle them into a new skirt. Short or long, skinny or full, I'll help you arrive with unwanted pants and leave with a skirt you'll love.

Robot Garden @ i-GATE


Robot Garden is a new makerspace in Livermore California in partnership with the i-GATE Innovation Hub. We promote innovation and interest in STEAM by using robotics and creative or artistic projects to inspire and educate.


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