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Pen-Pop DIY Movie Palace


Check out four DIY movie activities! Please, DO bring your cell-phones into the theaters! DO pirate the movies and post online! All ages Welcome! A hands-on inquiry into vision, light, and the art of making movies!

PostSecret; Anonymous Postcard Confessions t


PostSecret is an art project where people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. Secrets must be completely truthful, never revealed before and are intended to empower both the author and those who read it.

Print a Book Cover and Bind a Simple Notebook


Stop by the SFCB table to print your own book cover and then bind a simple notebook to keep track of all your Maker Faire adventures.

Shaping Light: folding lasercut screens


Shaping Light investigates how surface slit and fold patterns can transform sheet materials into adjustable sun-shading screens using a laser cutter. You'll see how the core aspects of digital/physical design processes (digital sketching, lighting simulation, digital fabrication) unite to transform a 2D sheet into a compelling 3D light modulator.

Show & Tell in a Ponga Picture


Ponga rediscovers the art of Show & Tell! You put love into everything you make, now you can share what you love about your Maker project with the world. Show Ponga what you've made and together we'll tell the world.



Build big with playing cards! SKALLOPS are laser-cut wooden clips that hold cards together to help you build amazing things. From houses to hats, triangular trusses to T-rexes, there's no limit to the things you can create!

St. Clair Aeronauts Steampunk Letter Project


St.Clair Aeronauts Offer Old Timey Letter Writing Write a fancy steampunk style letter with pen and ink and make and decorate an envelope to put it in! Take home a memory of Maker Fair 2013 or even mail it to Grandma!

Story Lamps


A framework that allows artists and makers of all ages to create their own spherical lamp shade skins. Light up the room with a 3d-printed city-planet, or your child's 2D art. Replace any part as often as you'd like!

The Bike-Powered Cardboard Rhinoceros


The Bike-Powered Cardboard Rhinoceros is a large-scale interactive sculpture. Participants can ride the bike and make the Rhino's large cardboard legs and head move.

The Exploratorium


The Exploratorium opened at our new Pier 15 home on April 17th and we've brought outdoor exhibits, explainer pop-ups and tinkering activities to celebrate our big move.

The Exploratory Maker Scouts


The Exploratory Maker Scouts are modern communities of families, educators and makers who come together to facilitate making and tinkering learning opportunities for young people to develop an Innovator's Mindset.

The Moving Toys Workshop


We build moving toys out of simple and recycled materials.

The Unusual Cards Cart


The Unusual Cards Cart is a portable gallery/retail store built in Spring 2013. The Cart showcases the works of Francesca Berrini and with the goal of having all the fun of a retail store with less location.

Tracimoc, It’s Comic Art, Backwards!


TRACIMOC takes homeless comic books and transforms them into a unique useable and wearable art.

Wiredrawn Creations


Making inspiration... Art, jewelry, odds & ends...

Woodblock Printmaking


Woodblock printmaking and other block printing art and craft

World Record Paper Airplanes


The Paper Airplane Guy teaches the world record breaking paper airplane, and demonstrates dozens of others.


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