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How We Built Our Research Submersible!


Our submersible Great White is about to begin a five-year mission to explore the sea. We will show the audience how we built her from design, build and testing.

Laser tag with 1/16 RC Battle Tanks


We play laser tag with 1/16 scale tanks. The RC tanks range from kits to scratch built.

Makers with a Cause (Formerly “Maker Corps”)


Join "Makers with a Cause" and help us create solutions for people with special needs. With small teams, co-discovering disruptive technology solutions, with lots of learning and fun for all!

Makerspace School Projects


High school students from our pilot group of 15 Makerspace schools will be exhibiting their final projects. Projects may include converted go-karts, knitted skirts, bicycle-wheel basketball hoops, and stained glass!

Mechanical SWAT and GREK 1.0


Mechanical SWAT Mobile Machine Shop Learning Center and GREK 1.0 Launch - the new Grey to Potable Water Recycling Experimenter's Kit

Metal Arts Guild – metal arts workshops and demos


Demos and Hands on Workshops in a variety of metal working techniques nled by members of Metal Arts Guild and Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild

Mostly Simple Motion


Simple electric vehicles and some of the machines used to build them.

Node.JS Robot / Intreadible Modular Treads

Exhibit nA Large Wifi Deploying Aluminum Tank Style Robot Platform from Artisan's Asylum and Northeastern University. In addition, a modular tread system for others to use to make big robots.

Open Source Motion Control


We make the grblshield and tinyg open source motion control boards. You can use the for CNC, 3d printing and motion art projects.



OtherFab is blending hardware innovation with accessible software and an inclusive community to transform the way our world is designed and manufactured.

Printed Circuit Board as a Maker Material


Printed Circuit Boards, in addition to being a core component of most electronics, is also a very useful building material. This talk will highlight some examples of using circuit boards as a material for making.

Reno Makerspace


Reno Makerspace a Non Profit Community Workshop

Robot Garden @ i-GATE


Robot Garden is a new makerspace in Livermore California in partnership with the i-GATE Innovation Hub. We promote innovation and interest in STEAM by using robotics and creative or artistic projects to inspire and educate.



A 30 mph, 30 mile range, 1 hour recharging, 1000+ MPGe electric recumbent tadpole cargo trike compatible with XtraCycle equipment and accessories. All Shimano 27-speed components and grip shifters. No pedaling necessary.



Build big with playing cards! SKALLOPS are laser-cut wooden clips that hold cards together to help you build amazing things. From houses to hats, triangular trusses to T-rexes, there's no limit to the things you can create!

Solar steam powered printing press


Solar steam powered vintage printing press with orrey and traction engine


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