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Makers are some of the most creative people in the world. What if we could pair them up and harness their creativity for the benefit of others in need? Fixperts is an open knowledge sharing platform that invites designers and makers to help someone they don't know with a day-to-day problem.

GetLoFi Circuit Bent Projects and DIY Synth Kits

Exhibit has been inspiring circuit benders and DIY synth hackers for 10 years now. Come say Hi and check out our unveiled new projects and kits.

Glo-puter Zero


A bit-serial digital computer who's RAM is implemented using rotating drum of copper-doped zinc sulfide phosphorescent material.

Hacker Bee Mystery


The Hacker Bees collect bits and craft artifacts. Mysteriously, half of the colony has disappeared! They need your help keep production running and find missing pieces. Explore Maker booths & solve puzzles to become a maker.

Hacking the Brookstone Rover


Converting IP cameras to Wifi Spy Tanks.nUsing the Brookstone Rover, the process of converting an IP camera into a Wifi Rover will be explained. WIll also demonstrate an API that can be used to program the Rover.

HomeBrew Robotics Club


HBRC members have a range of expertise in robotics that includes beginners, experienced amateurs and professionals. If you have an interest in the field of robotics, please join us.

Hosting Open Makes At Your Organization


The Tech, Lawrence Hall of Science, and Exploratorium share on hosting Open Makes. They'll focus on hosting Makes leading up to Maker Faire, the benefits to your organization, your guests, local Makers, and the world!

How 2 Today


How 2 Today is dedicated to helping everybody get started learning by removing barriers to making. These projects focus on minimal use of tools, supplies, simple language and a brief time to begin learning to make.

Intro to Arduino for All Ages


Heard about the Arduino, but not sure what all the terms mean or how it works. This is the presentation for you. For the absolute beginner of all ages.

Inward and Onward


This kinetic sculpture features a tiny figure piloting a larger one. Both are made entirely from found materials.

Kinect Open VJ Platform


Open VJ Platform is a project aimed at providing performers with an easy way to create engaging real-time visuals for performances. is the Social Network for Makers

Presenter links tech centric innovation hubs, citizen scientists/activists, hackerspaces & makerspaces as social/collective businesses - building capacity while evangelizing open source hardware and software.

Latte Art Robot


Our robot can draw elaborate images on espresso, cafe latte and cappuccino.

LumiGeek LED Shields


We make LEDs easy for DIY. For over a decade, we have supported the arts with our technology backgrounds. Now we want to share our skills with the makerverse.

Make a Jean Purse


Make a jean purse from recycled jeans.

Make:SF The Bay Area Makers


Make:SF was founded in 2007 and has grown to over 1600 members through over 130 Meetups in San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. Join us to participate in mini-workshops and connect with local Makers!

Maker Shed


The staff of MAKE has selected kits, tools, microcontrollers, crafts, souvenirs, and other fun stuff for sale.

Maker Training Camps


From the creators of Make Magazine and Maker Faire, Maker Training Camps are online courses designed to help you learn a new skill or how to complete a specific project. Camps use Google hangouts and communities to make it easy to interact with the teacher and other students. Camps consist of video lectures, interactive hangouts, project assignments and an open-ended project students share. Come learn more!



Come build the booth in augmented reality on your phone/tablet! - Apps created by an independent hacker named @yosun

Makerspace School Projects


High school students from our pilot group of 15 Makerspace schools will be exhibiting their final projects. Projects may include converted go-karts, knitted skirts, bicycle-wheel basketball hoops, and stained glass!


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