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Shaping Light: folding lasercut screens


Shaping Light investigates how surface slit and fold patterns can transform sheet materials into adjustable sun-shading screens using a laser cutter. You'll see how the core aspects of digital/physical design processes (digital sketching, lighting simulation, digital fabrication) unite to transform a 2D sheet into a compelling 3D light modulator.

Story Lamps


A framework that allows artists and makers of all ages to create their own spherical lamp shade skins. Light up the room with a 3d-printed city-planet, or your child's 2D art. Replace any part as often as you'd like!

Ted Clocks


Unusual clocks made from re-purposed computer parts.

The Dream Series


Limited edition, laser engraved world maps designed to catalyze the dreams of dreamers.

The electric couch


A motorized couch for cruising the maker faire in maximum comfort.

The Roost


Working on a computer at your home or office desk is comfortable, hunching over your laptop is not.nThe Roost is an ultra-portable laptop stand that transforms your laptop into a comfortable workstation -- wherever you go.

VCJ Fx Simulator


Junior High Students designed a portable, lightweight flight simulator.nJunior High students devsigned ergonomic chairs that appeal to other Junior High students using Autodesk Inventor and printing a prototype on a 3D print


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