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Dangerous Eventualities & other puppet shows


Stilters escort your dreams & longings to a place where they hang just out of reach.

Darkmatter – Open Source XBox Laptop & DIY Kit


World's first 3D printed, Lasercut, Open Source Arduino compatible Xbox Laptop that you can buy fully assembled or in DIY kit form.

DGM: The History of the Game Console Controller


The History of the Game Console Controller, from the Fairchild controller of 1976 up through today's motion controllers, plus a section dedicated to rhythm games like DDR. Experience gaming as it used to be played!

DIY Cardboard Village


DIY will be providing the space and resources for kids to create their own Cardboard Village, and documenting the entire process with time lapse video.

DIY Toys


We make simple toys and gadgets for all ages. We also hand out instruction manuels because anyone can be a maker!



An abandoned Burning Man dog gets to turn the table - or sled. A bike powered sled pulled by people, and driven by a dog.

DorkbotPDX – Makers inspired makers in Portland


Creations: n- Interactive stomp pad, near real time computer vision on 1920 LEDs displayn-"Robotron Reincarnation" a classic 1980s video game faithfully rebor
surface mount soldering zinen- Honeybee Countingn- LED ART

dorklandia’s ice cream cart


Come find plush toys and kits in this customized ice cream cart!

Fireflies by Humble Earth


Imagine your back yard lighting up with fireflies at dusk. Hung freely from the fence, trellis, bushes, and trees, these tiny solar-powered fireflies enchantingly mimic their natural counterparts.



Flowu202226 is a life-size version of the mobile app Flow Free. Instead of connecting circles using your finger, people will be walking on tiles that will light up. The game board is an interactive platform that reacts to steps.



Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from the perspective of a frisbee? Find out how we built a FrisbeeCam and what we learned from the prototyping process.

Giant Cardboard Robots


We are Giant. We are Cardboard. We are Robots. The revolution will be corrugated.

Holistic Hooping


Holistic Hooping offers their Flow Zone once again! Along with hand-crafted hoops and other flow tools for your use, you can watch them make your hoop and learn how to hoopdance all in one place- fun for the whole family!

HomeBrew Robotics Club


HBRC members have a range of expertise in robotics that includes beginners, experienced amateurs and professionals. If you have an interest in the field of robotics, please join us.

Hosting Open Makes At Your Organization


The Tech, Lawrence Hall of Science, and Exploratorium share on hosting Open Makes. They'll focus on hosting Makes leading up to Maker Faire, the benefits to your organization, your guests, local Makers, and the world!



Be swept off your feet at the sensation of hovering above the ground! Step onto your magical flying rug and surf the air!

ITSPHUN Geometric Constructions


Create your own mathematical art object using the ITSPHUN geometric construction system: a funny hat or a rhombicosidodecahedron, a colorful flower or a space-filling honeycomb of gyrobifastigiums, or anything in between.

Kinetic Bug Jars


The natural world is mysteriously mimicked in this series of kinetic sculptures. Simple electronic components animate paper insects trapped inside of bottles and jars.

Kinetic Creatures- walking cardboard animal kits


Kinetic Creatures are walking cardboard animal kits. The co-founders Alyssa & Lucas Ainsworth developed their project over 4 years with a goal to make complex mechanics simple to build, while encouraging hands-on making.



Invented and built by two long time friends, award winning designers, and creative conspirators, KOOBA is a labor of love and fun example of how inventors and makers of all ages can realize their vision.
Let's play KOOBA!


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