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Auto tripod


A computer controlled tripod mount.

Balanced Board Breakout


Breakout is a classic arcade game that was developed by Atari, Inc. and completed in May 1976. For my project, I am planning to make a balance board like structure that will control how the paddle moves.



Bartendro is a fast, portable, precision cocktail dispensing robot. It's great for parties, events or wherever. It's modular, and open source. No mess, no guesswork, just delicious drinks.

Bay Area R2 Builders


The Bay Area R2 Builders are a group of hackers, makers, builders and above all, Star Wars fans who have built full size, fully functional R2D2s.

Big Ball Maze Machine


You know those little mazes that you hold in your hand and you tilt them to try and get the balls into the center? Well, this is a 4 foot diameter, Arduino powered, remote/Android/body/mind controlled one of those.

BioFlame: Biodigestion for Cooking Fuel


BioFlame utilizes the process of anaerobic digestion to harvest combustible methane gas from organic waste. Methane is produced when methanogenic bacteria break down organic compounds. Collected gas fuels a small cook-stove.

BlinkM Smart LEDs and blink(1) USB Light


We love LEDs! We make easy-to-use smart RGB LEDs for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or your Windows or Mac computer.

Board Assembly with the Electronics Factory Pick and Place Robot


Walk through how to assemble an example surface mount circuit board with Tempo Automation's Electronics Factory, a desktop pick and place robot.

Bonkerbot Game


Players navigate the game in numbered order, by making the bonkerbot robot bonk his head on each number in succession.

BootstrapSolar Chi-qoo Solar Power Pack Kit


The BootstrapSolar Chi-qoo is an Open Source battery-backed solar power supply, capable of charging/powering devices like smart phones, Arduino or Raspbery Pi projects, or mini-robot armies.

Bourn Idea Lab @ Castilleja School


We are a digital fabrication studio at an independent all-girls school for grades 6-12 located in Palo Alto, California. Girls (and teachers!) come to the lab to tinker, build, and prototype.

Brian Yee: Not Your Grandpa’s Ham Radio


Brian Yee is a technical writer and product support trainer. Making and breaking electronic gadgets -and ham radio - has had a significant influence on his life & career.

Broadening Participation through E-Textiles


This session examines strategies for broadening participation in the Maker Community through e-textiles, which have sparked the first ever female-dominated electronics hobbyist community around soft circuits.

Build your own BioPrinter for under $150!


Bioprinting is printing with biological materials - 3D printing with squishier ingredients! In a BioCurious community project, we're building our own bioprinter from scavenged CD drives, an inkjet cartridge, and an Arduino.

CalSol, UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team


CalSol is a student run team at UC Berkeley that designs, builds, tests, and races fully solar-powered vehicles.n

CCA Cross-Section


CCA Cross-Section: A group selection of exciting projects made recently at California College of the Arts.

CCRMA Musical Interactives


The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University will show interactive software, mobile music apps, musical controllers, sound art, and our scaled Linux distribution that runs on Beagle Boards.

Celestial LED Tapestry


We have designed and installed a 21'x9' "Celestial Tapestry". Four hundred and thirty-eight LED stars depicting major constellations and asterisms are featured.



CelloJoe - Cello & Beatboxing - Classical Hip-Hop. International bicycle touring vagabond troubadour cellist beatboxern

Center Flee Two and C4SS4NDR4


Demonstrate the Center Flee which is an accelerometer driven, led device intended to be spun like fire poi and make music and light tricks.


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