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A Stitch in Time: Embroidery from then and now


Machine Embroidery, Bad Puns.nHow can I help you adorn your textile project?

Alexandria von Bromssen – Fashion Designer


Alexandria von Bromssen - rnProject Zero Carbon Footprint - The sustainable collection

Animatronics for Halloween


Come see how Scary Halloween animatronic skulls and other animatronics are built and animated!

Ask A Carpenter!


Get straight, unbiased answers to all your home maintanence questions from a licensed professional. Learn wood joinery and box making. See dovetail boxes being made by hand. Get help with your own project's design.

Blackbird Super Cruiser Bicycle


The Blackbird concept is a recumbent electric chopper bicycle. It is a fully function bicycle with the addition of electric assist. It cruises at 20 mph, and has a 50 mile range.

Butterfly Frillies Corsets


Hand made custom Victorian and Steampunk Worthy Corsets and custom made Victorian Carpet Bags

Caged Pulse Jets


Caged Pulse Jets is an interactive, kinetic sound sculpture. The caged birds are five spinning pulse jet engines that create a range of percussive and droning tones, controlled by the audience.

Deathstar Samovar


Deathstar Samovar is a engineering group making machines and vehicles out of recycled and handmade parts.

ECO. Electric Cycles of Oregon


Stylish, dependable and comfortable electric transportation at 3 miles to the penny.

FlipBooKit: The Story Behind the Magic Box


The story behind FlipBooKit. Arduino controlled Mechanical Flip Book art that germinated in a hackerspace, became a Makerfaire hit that launched into a Kickstarter hit and business. As told my the Makers.

From Trash to Treasure – Easy Fun Jewelry Making


Get Crafty! Make beautiful, thoughtful jewelry in a flash with The Crafty Store's exclusive line of natural brass and pewter findings, made right here in the Bay Area.

Gridbeam- A Fast and Easy Building System


Gridbeam is an open source, life size standardized building and prototyping system.Showcasing projects,components,kids building zone,solar and electric vehicles,3-d printer,rickshaw.Books and boxed Gridbeams for sale

Hats from the Retro-Apocalypse


"Head 'N Home Hats" has returned from a tragic wormhole accident endowed with an extensive knowledge of other-dimensional fashion. It is our privilege to offer an array of impressive Steampunk hats handmade in California.

Hawk and Miss Tickle, Creature Quads


Creatures on these pedal powered vehicles are controlled by levers. Seats are adjustable for different sized pilots and animators. Headlights and running lights are for night time adventures.

Horseless Carriage 2.0


Horseless Carriage 2.0 is a human-powered re-invention of the Horseless Carriage. It is a 2-person 147-speed all-terrain amphibious contraption based on a wood Ash frame and over a half-dozen 'donor' bikes.

Learn How To Make Glass Beads!


Learn the secrets of the Venetian Masters! Using a flame of over 4000 degrees, we will melt glass and form it into stunning beads before your very eyes. Round beads, tubular and sculptural beads (especially monsters and horses) are featured.

Mechanical wings and puppets


Francis the hand acutated puppet and his controller a mechanical wing wearing entity, not to be scoffed at.

Obtainium Works


Obtainium Works in Vallejo, CA specializes in vehicular art pieces built from "obtainium" including the Neverwas Haul, the Mad Hatter Teapot, the LB&O Trolley and our newest project, the Mechanical Horse.