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Analog computers!


Play with analog computers, experiment with chaos, and fly an analog lunar lander simulation.
Before digital computers, analog computers were the standard way to solve solve equations and perform simulations.

Android and PC Apps using IOIO


Interactive Android and PC projects using the open source IOIO Board

Bay Area Horseless Carriage Club


Automotive antiquarians dedicated to the preservation and touring of motor vehicles built before 1916.

Creative Reuse: Piano Head to Tail


Old pianos contain a wealth of materials that can be used to make wonderful new creations.

Deathstar Samovar


Deathstar Samovar is a engineering group making machines and vehicles out of recycled and handmade parts.

DGM: The History of the Game Console Controller


The History of the Game Console Controller, from the Fairchild controller of 1976 up through today's motion controllers, plus a section dedicated to rhythm games like DDR. Experience gaming as it used to be played!

FlipBooKit: The Story Behind the Magic Box


The story behind FlipBooKit. Arduino controlled Mechanical Flip Book art that germinated in a hackerspace, became a Makerfaire hit that launched into a Kickstarter hit and business. As told my the Makers.

Fred the Dalek


Fred is a Dalek from the planet Skaro. Daleks are the arch-enemies of Doctor Who, the classic BBC science fiction series celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Fred is home-built in 2011 using plans from

Hand-Drawn: Prints and Apparel by Amos Goldbaum


I make and sell hand-drawn, hand-screened prints and apparel featuring historic, local and iconic San Francisco landmarks as well as irreverent and bizarre artwork.

Hats from the Retro-Apocalypse


"Head 'N Home Hats" has returned from a tragic wormhole accident endowed with an extensive knowledge of other-dimensional fashion. It is our privilege to offer an array of impressive Steampunk hats handmade in California.

Horseless Carriage 2.0


Horseless Carriage 2.0 is a human-powered re-invention of the Horseless Carriage. It is a 2-person 147-speed all-terrain amphibious contraption based on a wood Ash frame and over a half-dozen 'donor' bikes.

Jodan Gray: True Chip Till Death


CHIPMUSIC has hit the mainstream in movies like Scott Pilgrim, but where did it come from & how is it made? STARPAUSE will fill you in, perform a live tracking demo & provide a zine pointing to more 8BIT software and sounds.

MAXine, High milage motorcar


MAXine is a home built LoCost 7 based auto mobile, designed for both style and high fuel mileage. It is powered 660cc engine, producing 62 HP and will get 85 MPH at highway speeds

McPuzo & Trotsky


Brand new songs from 1921 to enlighten and amuse! Particle physics, unruly mobs, mass transit, and insect romance!

Neon Art Shop


Shawna Peterson and some former students demonstrate neon tubebending techniques with portable fires. Shawna owns a small neon shop in Oakland, CA where she makes commercial signs, sculpture, and teaches classes.

Nostalgic Computer Nerds


A group of Bay Area computer collectors and restorers sharing their favorite toys, experiences and passion for vintage computing with all visitors.

Pacific Pinball Museum/The New Lil’ Ju Ju


Pacific Pinball Museum/The new Lil' Ju Ju Mobile Pinball Museum, a 1947 Spartan Manor travel trailer with self leveling hydraulics 5 vintage pinballs and a jukebox. Surrounded by other interactive PPM Exhibits.

Pickling Oddities – Beyond Vinegar and Kraut


Vinegar and kraut? Tired. Learn to make pickles with mustard, miso, soy sauce, salt, beer, citrus, rice bran, Kool-Aid, whey, and more.


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