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A complete DIY Drumset & percussion ensemble using vertually nothing but garbage & recyclable items. Add some imagination and a lot of sweat to create captivating improvisational musical experiance.

Ah-Lan Dance


What happens when you hack an original Gameboy? You get 8 bits, 8 beats and a virtual journey through time. Who will win this game? Will the naughty children succeed in causing chaos?

Alexandria von Bromssen – Fashion Designer


Alexandria von Bromssen - rnProject Zero Carbon Footprint - The sustainable collection

Anacleto, T-REX Dinosaur puppet


I'm Gabriel, I have 15 years old and I built Anacleto. A Giant T-Rex puppet that I control inside.

Angry Battleships II


Battle Pond Axis vs Allies combat all day, Saturday and Sunday, with plenty of hands-on audience participation during and between battles. Fun for kids of all ages!

Aurora Light Graffiti


As Aurora Light Painters (NBC's America's Got Talent Quarter Finals) we invented a way to do live light painting so everyone can see the image as it forms. Attendees can use light toys as "paint brushes" on an "air canvas".

Camp Couture -The Recycled Fashion


Camp Couture will present the Recycled Collection 2013 - A fashion/runway exhibition where all the garments have been up-cycled to create a sustainable collection. Be prepared to be awed!



CelloJoe - Cello & Beatboxing - Classical Hip-Hop. International bicycle touring vagabond troubadour cellist beatboxern



CROCHET JAM is a community-base art project using the African-American folk-art tradition of crocheting rag rugs. Participants share stories while making large works of art and bringing together people from across society.

Dangerous Eventualities & other puppet shows


Stilters escort your dreams & longings to a place where they hang just out of reach.

DIY Cardboard Village


DIY will be providing the space and resources for kids to create their own Cardboard Village, and documenting the entire process with time lapse video.

Holistic Hooping


Holistic Hooping offers their Flow Zone once again! Along with hand-crafted hoops and other flow tools for your use, you can watch them make your hoop and learn how to hoopdance all in one place- fun for the whole family!

isomorphic midi controller keyboard


Isomorphic Midi Controller that creates harmonies basic on combining modal fabric of the left hand with the right hand.

Jack SparX Electrical Thrills


Shocking thrills await as we SEE and FEEL electricity. Our hair will stand on end as half a million volts courses through YOUR body and mine. Beautiful arcs and SparX will show the savage nature of HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY

Jodan Gray: True Chip Till Death


CHIPMUSIC has hit the mainstream in movies like Scott Pilgrim, but where did it come from & how is it made? STARPAUSE will fill you in, perform a live tracking demo & provide a zine pointing to more 8BIT software and sounds.

Live Music Visuals


This project takes live audio and generates visual imagery that responds in real-time. It extracts pitch and amplitude information which is used to drive various aspects of the visualization including size, color and position

Magician Bryan Patrick


Bryan Patrick's Super Rock n Roll Magic Show. Rock Of Ages And A Show For All Ages. All Shows Include Audience Participation and Ramdom Acts Of Amazement. Don't Miss Bryan Patrick The Magician So Amazing, He Amazes Himself!

Mark Growden Trio


Soulful and poetic songs with accordion, banjo, trumpet and upright bass
"...a little cabaret, a bit New Orleans brass, a pinch Appalachian folk with a spicy edge,... but hard to pin down, stirred with the gentleness of trees whispering on an easy summer day.


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