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(RC) Lab Rats


(RC) Lab Rats is showing a remote controlled blimp with wireless camera and custom canopy for use with disaster assistance.

A World of Virtual Maker Culture


ROBLOX is a hub for virtual Makers -- Every month on ROBLOX, millions of Builders create models, places, even whole worlds that they share with others. See what they've made! What will you build?

American High School Re:Usables


American High School Re:Usables fabricates usable items from waste materials. the make spent gift card jewelry, tee-shirt rag rugs, wildflower note cards, and glass art.

Angry Battleships II


Battle Pond Axis vs Allies combat all day, Saturday and Sunday, with plenty of hands-on audience participation during and between battles. Fun for kids of all ages!

Animatronics for Halloween


Come see how Scary Halloween animatronic skulls and other animatronics are built and animated!

Aragon Robotics Team presents OG-9 and Giraffa!


The Aragon Robotics Team will be showcasing their frisbee shooting robot, OG-9, built in just six weeks. In addition, their robot Giraffa will demonstrate its ability to deftly score rings on a rack of pegs.

Art & Storytelling through 3D Printing with Kids


What happens when you introduce a 3D printer to a room of 8-year-olds and ask them to create? Enjoy stories from the front lines as told by a team that is working to bring this technology into schools around the world.

Bandit Guns “Worlds first rubber band shotgun”


Bandit Guns - Worlds first rubber band shotgun kit that you can build yourself with 14 laser cut pieces of plywood stacked and held together with binding bolts (no glue). Also first rubber band gun with three modes of firing

Bay Area R2 Builders


The Bay Area R2 Builders are a group of hackers, makers, builders and above all, Star Wars fans who have built full size, fully functional R2D2s.

Broadening Participation through E-Textiles


This session examines strategies for broadening participation in the Maker Community through e-textiles, which have sparked the first ever female-dominated electronics hobbyist community around soft circuits.

Building with ModiBot


ModiBot is a 3d printed, figure-based build system of interchangeable ball & socket connectors. Users choose from over 400 parts to create their own imaginative creatures, robots, heroes and play scenes.

BVHM Duct Tape Creations


Duct Tape CreationsrnCome and try your hand at making useful items out of duct tape and a few common objects. Sixth graders from Buena Vista Horace Mann (K-8 school from the Mission District) will be instructing in both English and Spanish.

Caine’s Arcade: From a Movie to a Movement


The phenomenal story of how "Caine's Arcade" - a viral short film about a 9 year old boy's DIY cardboard arcade - launched a global movement of cardboard creativity in kids & classrooms around the world.

Camp Couture -The Recycled Fashion


Camp Couture will present the Recycled Collection 2013 - A fashion/runway exhibition where all the garments have been up-cycled to create a sustainable collection. Be prepared to be awed!

City X Project


Using 3D printing, modeling and scanning to imagine a better future with kids around the world. Join to learn the basics of 3D printing and modeling and how we're bringing these tools to schools around the world.

Community Science Workshop Network Project


The Community Science Workshop Network Project supports hands-on science education in low-income communities throughout California. We build science projects using trash, junk, and recycled materials. Come build with us!

Crazy Monkees


Crazy Monkees ! - The first game from Bayrocket Media soon to be for iOS,Android,Mac and the Web. Built with the help of the Gamesalad platform.

CuriOdyssey Mobile Museum


Visit CuriOdyssey's Mobile Museum to experiment hands-on with gears, gadgets, and mechanical science exhibits. Try out your maker skills by designing, creating, and testing your own wind-powered vehicle on our test track!


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