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Ah-Lan Dance


What happens when you hack an original Gameboy? You get 8 bits, 8 beats and a virtual journey through time. Who will win this game? Will the naughty children succeed in causing chaos?

Applied Kinetic Arts


Applied Kinetic Arts (A.K.A.) is a community of artists working within the medium loosely defined as "kinetic". Works incorporating motion, light, sound, and interactivity are represented by the group's membership

Art & Magic of Lightwire


we will be conducting a continuing workshop in how Light works, how to use it, and have demonstrations of finished projects as examples of el-wire decor.



ArtStrobe is an interactive kinetic light sculpture. The 60" spinning disk has illuminated fluorescent shapes on its face which make patterns. Users can change these patterns by adjusting two knobs mounted near the ArtStrobe.



Aurora is an opalescent willow with hand-beaten copper leaves that chime in the wind. At night, the tree comes alive with light, rotating through the spectrum of colors and providing spectacular illumination. It is a fairy tr

Beyond the Water Curtain


Beyond the Water Curtain uses OpenFrameworks & Kinect with projector to create a social immersive interactive narrative of the classic Chinese story, Monkey. Participants are puppet characters and collaborate in the journey.

Bicycle Trio


Our project is an interactive artwork of three stationary, sculptural bicycle forms that when ridden, will activate a musical instrument in the column each is attached to. We are presenting our work in progress.

Bunnyfluffer Cyclecars Special II


A new and improved Figure Eight racing machine powered by one nasty, middle-aged dude!

Caged Pulse Jets


Caged Pulse Jets is an interactive, kinetic sound sculpture. The caged birds are five spinning pulse jet engines that create a range of percussive and droning tones, controlled by the audience.



Carsophagus is a Death Defying Pecal Car built for speed, style, and suspense.

CCA Cross-Section


CCA Cross-Section: A group selection of exciting projects made recently at California College of the Arts.

CCRMA Musical Interactives


The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University will show interactive software, mobile music apps, musical controllers, sound art, and our scaled Linux distribution that runs on Beagle Boards.

Channelled Alien Mechanicals


Channelled Alien mechanical sculptures. All parts made by hand- They respond to human touch by changing shape, size, etc.



The Heavy Pedal Bike Rodeo!

Dangerous Eventualities & other puppet shows


Stilters escort your dreams & longings to a place where they hang just out of reach.



An abandoned Burning Man dog gets to turn the table - or sled. A bike powered sled pulled by people, and driven by a dog.

ECO. Electric Cycles of Oregon


Stylish, dependable and comfortable electric transportation at 3 miles to the penny.

Flaming Lotus Girls


The Flaming Lotus Girls are a female-driven group of artists who make kinetic fire art. Their work mixes sculpture, robotics, pyrotechnics and electronics, and their large-scale installations interact with the audience.

FlipBooKit: The Story Behind the Magic Box


The story behind FlipBooKit. Arduino controlled Mechanical Flip Book art that germinated in a hackerspace, became a Makerfaire hit that launched into a Kickstarter hit and business. As told my the Makers.


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