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A Mini Forklift to Haul Klein Bottles


Build a do it yourself mini-forklift robot to get boxes out from under your house. Along the way, explore Mobius Loops, Klein Bottles, and other mathematical curiosities!

CalSol, UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team


CalSol is a student run team at UC Berkeley that designs, builds, tests, and races fully solar-powered vehicles.n

DIY Rocketeers! Winning the Carmack Prize


The dream of space has tantalized many men and women. Advances in technology now enable DIY rocketeers to reach new milestones. On September 11, 2012, a team of experienced hobbyists reached 104k' with full recovery.

DorkbotPDX – Makers inspired makers in Portland


Creations: n- Interactive stomp pad, near real time computer vision on 1920 LEDs displayn-"Robotron Reincarnation" a classic 1980s video game faithfully rebor
surface mount soldering zinen- Honeybee Countingn- LED ART

Jack SparX Electrical Thrills


Shocking thrills await as we SEE and FEEL electricity. Our hair will stand on end as half a million volts courses through YOUR body and mine. Beautiful arcs and SparX will show the savage nature of HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY

Mobile Ham Radio


Ham radio offers the opportunities to explore electronics, build your own gear, explore wireless communications, and network with others. We'll show you how it's done, how to operate a mobile station, and how to get your license.

Not Your Grandpa’s Ham Radio 2


This is our second installment of Not Your Grandpa's Ham Radio. Our latest creations mix GPS, radar, microprocessors, Arduino, ZigBee, Bluetooth, SMT, microwave and millimeter wave radio and other technologies.

Project Ikaros


Named for the son of Greek hero Daidalos who flew too close to the sun, Ikaros is series of upper atmosphere balloon missions, built by high school students, to retrieve data and video from the edge of space.

SpikenzieLabs Kits


Demonstrate our kits that are carried in the Maker Shed.

UC Davis Senior Projects


UC Davis Student demo of coffee can radar and radio wave visualizer.


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