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Animatronics for Halloween


Come see how Scary Halloween animatronic skulls and other animatronics are built and animated!

Art & Magic of Lightwire


we will be conducting a continuing workshop in how Light works, how to use it, and have demonstrations of finished projects as examples of el-wire decor.

CCA Cross-Section


CCA Cross-Section: A group selection of exciting projects made recently at California College of the Arts.

Fred the Dalek


Fred is a Dalek from the planet Skaro. Daleks are the arch-enemies of Doctor Who, the classic BBC science fiction series celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Fred is home-built in 2011 using plans from

Gridbeam- A Fast and Easy Building System


Gridbeam is an open source, life size standardized building and prototyping system.Showcasing projects,components,kids building zone,solar and electric vehicles,3-d printer,rickshaw.Books and boxed Gridbeams for sale

OpenSprinkler: An Open-Source Sprinkler Timer


OpenSprinkler is an open-source web-based sprinkler / irrigation timer. It works with standard 24VAC sprinkler valves. Featuring web-based interface, expandable zones, built-in LCD, Ethernet controller and USB programmer.



This electronic demon costume - with Arduino-based voice FX and LED animation - captivated many technology blogs last October. The code is all open source and online. Make one yourself for Halloween this year!

You Become Art


You become art! Cute, glamorous, funny, or scary... I customize face paint & body art for Faire participants & patrons. Water-based paints are comfy, easily removed with soap & water. Temporary tattoo inks last a few days.


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