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AeroQuad – The open source multicopter project!


The AeroQuad is an open source quadcopter/multicopter project which provides freely available software and hardware designs, with a friendly and helpful online community since 2009. Turn your Arduino into a flying quacopter!

Building with Dog Tech


Modern technology used in mobile electronics is available to Makers to build and create. Devices such as the sensor equipped development tablet is an example of how makers can leverage modern technology.

CalSol, UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team


CalSol is a student run team at UC Berkeley that designs, builds, tests, and races fully solar-powered vehicles.n

Drone Dudes: Flying Robots & Filmmakers


Drone Dudes will be at the 2013 Maker Faire showcasing our feature aerial machine, the Octocopter. Stop by to meet the team and see the beast in action.

Electronic Frontier Foundation


EFF is the leading defender of online civil liberties. We promote innovator rights, defend free speech, fight illegal surveillance, and protect rights and freedoms as our use of technology grows.

Intelligent Thermostat


This project isu00a0a complete remodeling of how a person communicates with there household. It utilizes a phone app, which allows the user to control appliances such as their thermostat and lights over a piece of hardware called

Not Your Grandpa’s Ham Radio 2


This is our second installment of Not Your Grandpa's Ham Radio. Our latest creations mix GPS, radar, microprocessors, Arduino, ZigBee, Bluetooth, SMT, microwave and millimeter wave radio and other technologies.

Plywooden Boat


A DIY wooden vessel for exploring the San Francisco bay. This boat is made of a single sheet of 4mm plywood and sealed with epoxy resin and fiberglass. The boat has GPS and a homemade depth-finder for mapping the bay floor.

Project Ikaros


Named for the son of Greek hero Daidalos who flew too close to the sun, Ikaros is series of upper atmosphere balloon missions, built by high school students, to retrieve data and video from the edge of space.



A 30 mph, 30 mile range, 1 hour recharging, 1000+ MPGe electric recumbent tadpole cargo trike compatible with XtraCycle equipment and accessories. All Shimano 27-speed components and grip shifters. No pedaling necessary.

The Pseudo Google Glass


This project is similar Google Glass. Our device is made by a see-through display (HMD) & a gesture controlled device based on Android. If you use it, you can control applications for smart phone by hands-free & feel free!


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