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(RC) Lab Rats


(RC) Lab Rats is showing a remote controlled blimp with wireless camera and custom canopy for use with disaster assistance.

Arm Fan Wing


The folding and unfolding arm wing(costume prop).

Caged Pulse Jets


Caged Pulse Jets is an interactive, kinetic sound sculpture. The caged birds are five spinning pulse jet engines that create a range of percussive and droning tones, controlled by the audience.

Citizens in Space


Do you have the Right Stuff to be a citizen scientist or citizen astronaut? Citizens in Space has acquired 10 flights on the XCOR Lynx spacecraft. This is your chance to fly.

Drone Dudes: Flying Robots & Filmmakers


Drone Dudes will be at the 2013 Maker Faire showcasing our feature aerial machine, the Octocopter. Stop by to meet the team and see the beast in action.



Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from the perspective of a frisbee? Find out how we built a FrisbeeCam and what we learned from the prototyping process.

Hosting Open Makes At Your Organization


The Tech, Lawrence Hall of Science, and Exploratorium share on hosting Open Makes. They'll focus on hosting Makes leading up to Maker Faire, the benefits to your organization, your guests, local Makers, and the world!

Lighthouse Community Charter School Makers


LCCS is featuring a group of high school students who have created their own projects to display at the Faire. We are working to bring making and the maker mindset to all of our students from K to 12 in Oakland, CA



With the popularity of quadcopters booming, there still is a void for versions that hobbyists can build cheaply and easily. These quadcopters are under $50 and use 3D-printed frames so they are easily built at home.

Ready, Set, Fly!


Become a flight innovator as you build flying machines and test them with our human-powered launcher.n nTinker with the forces of flight as you learn from spectacular failures and create your flight path to success. n

Remote Controlled Airplane


The Towel, a radio control airplane project originally from Brooklyn Aerodrome, published in the Make Volume 30.

Show & Tell in a Ponga Picture


Ponga rediscovers the art of Show & Tell! You put love into everything you make, now you can share what you love about your Maker project with the world. Show Ponga what you've made and together we'll tell the world.

Sky Surfer


My mentor and I made model hovercrafts and then a real one that can be ridden.

VCJ Fx Simulator


Junior High Students designed a portable, lightweight flight simulator.nJunior High students devsigned ergonomic chairs that appeal to other Junior High students using Autodesk Inventor and printing a prototype on a 3D print

World Record Paper Airplanes


The Paper Airplane Guy teaches the world record breaking paper airplane, and demonstrates dozens of others.


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