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“Gertie” the robot


Gertie is a jumping robot that uses a mechanism called "Delta robot" to displace it's center of gravity which allows it to tilt side to side and even jump!

A Custom Artificial Heart


This is a proof of concept on the production of a customizable artificial heart. It's end goal is a design for an artificial heart which can be custom fabricated for the patient and still perform the necessary functions.



My project is a radio controlled airplane that has a structure made out of foam board, and includes multiple servos and an electric motor controlling the propeller.



ADORI is the DVR for Car Radio. It transforms the car radio listening experience by providing Play, Pause, Rewind features to the existing audio system in your car.

AeroQuad – The open source multicopter project!


The AeroQuad is an open source quadcopter/multicopter project which provides freely available software and hardware designs, with a friendly and helpful online community since 2009. Turn your Arduino into a flying quacopter!

Alan Macy: Technical Artist, Biologist, Maker


Artist Alan Macy explores the human sensor network—the nervous system—in artworks such as the "human sensitive chair" he has on display at Maker Faire.

ALL Power Labs


ALL Power Labs focuses on small-scale gasification. We make biomass gasifiers that are ready for everyday use, to serve real world distributed energy needs.

Analog computers!


Play with analog computers, experiment with chaos, and fly an analog lunar lander simulation.
Before digital computers, analog computers were the standard way to solve solve equations and perform simulations.

Analog Sensory Cane


A normal white cane is modified using Ping))) sensor technology and Arduino.

Angry Battleships II


Battle Pond Axis vs Allies combat all day, Saturday and Sunday, with plenty of hands-on audience participation during and between battles. Fun for kids of all ages!

Applied Kinetic Arts


Applied Kinetic Arts (A.K.A.) is a community of artists working within the medium loosely defined as "kinetic". Works incorporating motion, light, sound, and interactivity are represented by the group's membership

Applied Science and Engineering at Menlo School.


Students from the Applied Science and Engineering program at Menlo School will show off their amazing projects. The students used their brains and raw hands plus pieces of wood and metal, bare wire, transistors and micro con



This is a pod shaped micro houseboat that will disassemble into easily to store components and will transport on the back of any pick up truck or flatbed.

Aragon Robotics Team presents OG-9 and Giraffa!


The Aragon Robotics Team will be showcasing their frisbee shooting robot, OG-9, built in just six weeks. In addition, their robot Giraffa will demonstrate its ability to deftly score rings on a rack of pegs.

Arduino Cookbook


Join the author of The Arduino Cookbook and Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot to see some projects from these books, and chat with him and other Arduino experts.

Arduino Remote Controlled Maglev Model


Arduino Remote Controlled Maglev Model with Electromagnetic Propulsion

Assorted Electronic Kits by Tx0Rx0


Open source hardware electronic kits designed for the maker in mind!

AudioArc: Stereo Plasma Tweeters


Stereo plasma tweeter pair with active current, voltage, and temperature monitoring control systems



Aurora is an opalescent willow with hand-beaten copper leaves that chime in the wind. At night, the tree comes alive with light, rotating through the spectrum of colors and providing spectacular illumination. It is a fairy tr

BAGRS live steam group


The Bay Area Garden Railway live steam group runs garden gauge live steam engines on a portable track. These locomotives are scale versions of actual prototype locomotives and, in most cases, are completely built from scratch


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