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Analog computers!


Play with analog computers, experiment with chaos, and fly an analog lunar lander simulation.
Before digital computers, analog computers were the standard way to solve solve equations and perform simulations.

Board Assembly with the Electronics Factory Pick and Place Robot


Walk through how to assemble an example surface mount circuit board with Tempo Automation's Electronics Factory, a desktop pick and place robot.

CCA Cross-Section


CCA Cross-Section: A group selection of exciting projects made recently at California College of the Arts.

Crazy Picasso with Running Sensors


An innovative DIY project that combines the application of electrical sensors and a new type of 3D art design together for fast prototyping is presented.

Designing Circuit Boards with Open Source Software


Ever wanted to build your own "professional" printed circuit boards? We will bootstrap you with the Open Source program "Kicad" and walk through the steps understand the software and have your boards manufactured.

E-Textiles Sewing the Way!


Come learn about e-textiles, which bring together fabrics, electronics, and computers. We'll share educational applications of e-textile materials like the LilyPad Arduino, and then you'll get to make your own soft circuit!

Electronics Factory


An open hardware, open software benchtop pick and place machine



Flowu202226 is a life-size version of the mobile app Flow Free. Instead of connecting circles using your finger, people will be walking on tiles that will light up. The game board is an interactive platform that reacts to steps.

GetLoFi Circuit Bent Projects and DIY Synth Kits

Exhibit has been inspiring circuit benders and DIY synth hackers for 10 years now. Come say Hi and check out our unveiled new projects and kits.

Hosting Open Makes At Your Organization


The Tech, Lawrence Hall of Science, and Exploratorium share on hosting Open Makes. They'll focus on hosting Makes leading up to Maker Faire, the benefits to your organization, your guests, local Makers, and the world!

Jodan Gray: True Chip Till Death


CHIPMUSIC has hit the mainstream in movies like Scott Pilgrim, but where did it come from & how is it made? STARPAUSE will fill you in, perform a live tracking demo & provide a zine pointing to more 8BIT software and sounds.

Kinetic Glow Works


Kinetic objects that experiment with "printing" and "drawing" on glow-in-the-dark surfaces is the Social Network for Makers

Presenter links tech centric innovation hubs, citizen scientists/activists, hackerspaces & makerspaces as social/collective businesses - building capacity while evangelizing open source hardware and software.

LumiGeek LED Shields


We make LEDs easy for DIY. For over a decade, we have supported the arts with our technology backgrounds. Now we want to share our skills with the makerverse.

Make It Move


Learn how to build simple animated and robotic contraptions using RC servos and a "no programming required" control circuit.

Not Your Grandpa’s Ham Radio 2


This is our second installment of Not Your Grandpa's Ham Radio. Our latest creations mix GPS, radar, microprocessors, Arduino, ZigBee, Bluetooth, SMT, microwave and millimeter wave radio and other technologies.


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