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Applied Science and Engineering at Menlo School.


Students from the Applied Science and Engineering program at Menlo School will show off their amazing projects. The students used their brains and raw hands plus pieces of wood and metal, bare wire, transistors and micro con

Art & Magic of Lightwire


we will be conducting a continuing workshop in how Light works, how to use it, and have demonstrations of finished projects as examples of el-wire decor.

Bicycle Trio


Our project is an interactive artwork of three stationary, sculptural bicycle forms that when ridden, will activate a musical instrument in the column each is attached to. We are presenting our work in progress.

Blackbird Super Cruiser Bicycle


The Blackbird concept is a recumbent electric chopper bicycle. It is a fully function bicycle with the addition of electric assist. It cruises at 20 mph, and has a 50 mile range.

Bunnyfluffer Cyclecars Special II


A new and improved Figure Eight racing machine powered by one nasty, middle-aged dude!

CCA Cross-Section


CCA Cross-Section: A group selection of exciting projects made recently at California College of the Arts.



CelloJoe - Cello & Beatboxing - Classical Hip-Hop. International bicycle touring vagabond troubadour cellist beatboxern

Cradle Duende


Cradle Duende presents a combination of Kezmer and Flamenco "cklezmenco" with an infusion of reggae and cumbia dance rhythms. Cradle Duende takes its name from the Spanish word "cduende", in reference to a musically heightened

Deathstar Samovar


Deathstar Samovar is a engineering group making machines and vehicles out of recycled and handmade parts.

Design with the Lawrence Hall of Science


Design, build, and test with the Lawrence Hall of Science. Take a hydraulic system challenge to lift a pumpkin or operate a crane. Ride a bike on a virtual playground, play with giant games, and test fun TechHive prototypes.



An abandoned Burning Man dog gets to turn the table - or sled. A bike powered sled pulled by people, and driven by a dog.

ECO. Electric Cycles of Oregon


Stylish, dependable and comfortable electric transportation at 3 miles to the penny.

EV Grins


Homemade Human Electric Hybrids that make you grin. E-Bikes, E-Skateboards, and E-Unicycles.



Figure eight bicycle races

Gridbeam- A Fast and Easy Building System


Gridbeam is an open source, life size standardized building and prototyping system.Showcasing projects,components,kids building zone,solar and electric vehicles,3-d printer,rickshaw.Books and boxed Gridbeams for sale

Hawk and Miss Tickle, Creature Quads


Creatures on these pedal powered vehicles are controlled by levers. Seats are adjustable for different sized pilots and animators. Headlights and running lights are for night time adventures.

Hosting Open Makes At Your Organization


The Tech, Lawrence Hall of Science, and Exploratorium share on hosting Open Makes. They'll focus on hosting Makes leading up to Maker Faire, the benefits to your organization, your guests, local Makers, and the world!

Interactive Light Art with Bicycles


Interactive light art: (1) Create your own real 3D spherical light painting; (2) Draw a picture and see it in lights on our full color bicycle wheel display; (3) Check out our light art for bicycles, the Monkey Light

Kid Hauler/ Cargo Bicycle


Kustom Kid Hauler/Cargo BikenTodd Jones Santa Rosa, CAnFun Bike Unicorn Club


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