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Acme Muffineering


See the inner workings of and 18:1 scale cupcake vehicle! Our cupcake cars are delicious, electric-powered, built from scratch, highly maneuverable and capable of 18mph+!

Bunnyfluffer Cyclecars Special II


A new and improved Figure Eight racing machine powered by one nasty, middle-aged dude!



Carsophagus is a Death Defying Pecal Car built for speed, style, and suspense.

Delorean Hovercraft


The Delorean Hovercraft is a hovercraft built based on the blueprints for Universal Hovercraft's popular UH-13PT model, but sculpted to look like a Delorean. It can carry two people on land or water.



An abandoned Burning Man dog gets to turn the table - or sled. A bike powered sled pulled by people, and driven by a dog.

Feuer Dalek


Feuer Dalek is a mobile interactive sculpture exterminating all inferior life forms.

Hawk and Miss Tickle, Creature Quads


Creatures on these pedal powered vehicles are controlled by levers. Seats are adjustable for different sized pilots and animators. Headlights and running lights are for night time adventures.

Horseless Carriage 2.0


Horseless Carriage 2.0 is a human-powered re-invention of the Horseless Carriage. It is a 2-person 147-speed all-terrain amphibious contraption based on a wood Ash frame and over a half-dozen 'donor' bikes.

Karmin Projects


5 examples of Karmin Solar Projects which illustrate the engineering and future of alternative energy in street legal vehicles, usage of solar power in everyday situations, and fun projects exhibited at Burning Man



LEGOJeep, an interactive art car fostering endless creation possibilities with LEGO materials

LumiGeek LED Shields


We make LEDs easy for DIY. For over a decade, we have supported the arts with our technology backgrounds. Now we want to share our skills with the makerverse.

Making a CupCake Art Car


Acme Muffineers are interviewed to show you the steps to build your own CupCake Art Car. From mobility cart to yummy topping, learn the secrets from the experts!

Mostly Simple Motion


Simple electric vehicles and some of the machines used to build them.

Motorized Barcalounger


It looks like an ordinary 1970's era black vinyl recliner... but the secret is concealed inside - bwah ha ha ha! The electric wheelchair concealed beneath allows for the ultimate in laziness and nerd-geekiness combined!!

Motorized La-Z-Boy


Powered by a 36 volt, 55 ampere-hour battery back and a 6 Horsepower permanent magnet AC motor, the motorized La-Z-Boy is the ultimate leisure vehicle. It is capable of speeds up to 20 MPH
(Photo copyright Sheila Masson)

Obtainium Works


Obtainium Works in Vallejo, CA specializes in vehicular art pieces built from "obtainium" including the Neverwas Haul, the Mad Hatter Teapot, the LB&O Trolley and our newest project, the Mechanical Horse.


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