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Alan Macy: Technical Artist, Biologist, Maker


Artist Alan Macy explores the human sensor network—the nervous system—in artworks such as the "human sensitive chair" he has on display at Maker Faire.

Analog Sensory Cane


A normal white cane is modified using Ping))) sensor technology and Arduino.

Are you FARMcurious?


Learn what it takes to produce your own food and eat seasonally and sustainably without abandoning your urban lifestyle. Pick up a kit to help get you started while you're here.

Baffling the Cacophony


A quiet chill-out meditative and art-making space especially for introverts and the over-stimulated. Stop by to reserve your 25-minute spot to make a collage or just sit, reflect, & breathe. Garment art on view, too!



We believe that innovations in biology should benaccessible, affordable, and open to everyone. We've built a community biology lab fornamateurs, inventors, entrepreneurs.

Bourn Idea Lab @ Castilleja School


We are a digital fabrication studio at an independent all-girls school for grades 6-12 located in Palo Alto, California. Girls (and teachers!) come to the lab to tinker, build, and prototype.



{cocoa}'s hand crafted chocolate is made using pure origin vintages that go beyond sustainable, fair trade cocoa beans. Chocolate that is casual , instinctual andnecessary. Something you can eat anytime , anywhere, EVERYDAY.

Cradle Duende


Cradle Duende presents a combination of Kezmer and Flamenco "cklezmenco" with an infusion of reggae and cumbia dance rhythms. Cradle Duende takes its name from the Spanish word "cduende", in reference to a musically heightened

Crowd-Powered Bridge Design and Research Projects


Brainstorm, sketch, prototype, design, and build a massive bridge with other Makers! Also, don't miss out on interacting with our lab's research projects!

DNA Makers


We are a family that enjoy making DNA models and crafts that are educational, artistic and fun to play for children as well as for adults. The models are built using LEGO pieces, paper, PVC pipes, knitting materials & LEDs.

Doing Nothing is Good for You?


A study on the beneficial effects of meditation on the brain and a person's well being, as demonstrated through research and biofeedback.

Food Forward + Filmmaker Q&A


Food Forward reveals the compelling stories and inspired solutions envisioned by food rebels across America who are striving to create a more just,sustainable and delicious alternative to what we eat and how we produce it.

Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood!


In just one sunny window, you can grow enough Spirulina to supplement your diet every day! Spirulina microalgae is rich in protein and antioxidants; set up is quick and easy, and harvesting takes only a few minutes a day...

Growing Robot Garden: a makerspace


Wish there was a makerspace near by you? Why not go ahead and start one! Andra Keay and Daniel Casner, founders of Robot Garden - a makerspace in the Trivalley - talk about their experiences bootstrapping a workshop open.

Holistic Hooping


Holistic Hooping offers their Flow Zone once again! Along with hand-crafted hoops and other flow tools for your use, you can watch them make your hoop and learn how to hoopdance all in one place- fun for the whole family!

Internal Medication Dispenser


Delivering medication directly its destination is much more efficient and requires smaller dosages than pills. I am making a device that does this with as little risk as possible, and making it simple to live with.

LEGO Microscopes


Come learn how to build a microscope using LEGO bricks! The LEGO microscope is designed to teach optics at the middle and high school level and uses 3D printed parts to hold lenses in place and a cameraphone to display images

MacGyverClass! and the Art of Being Unprepared…


My programs are all about realizing our creative power while being presented with challenges we aren't prepared for and using only a couple of materials to create a solution with. Why does this work?


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