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ArribaCycle is a collective of Latino parents from Oakland. They transform throwaway plastic, ArribaCycle is a program of All Ah We/All of Us and is based on the vision of "woman-made, living wage, and sustainable."

Ceallach Dyes: solar dyed yarn and fiber


I make solar dyed yarns and fibers using homegrown solar ovens, built from recycled materials. This process is low immersion, using less water than other dye processes, and is done completely outside in nature.



CROCHET JAM is a community-base art project using the African-American folk-art tradition of crocheting rag rugs. Participants share stories while making large works of art and bringing together people from across society.

Crocheting Throughout the Generations: Learning from Gran, Teaching My Own Kids


My talk is about my Scottish Grandmother, who was a Mill worker in the Coats Thread Mill from the age of 14 and how she taught me to crochet at a young age. I went on to pass the knowledge of crochet down to my own children and how important it is to pass on our knowledge to others.

dorklandia’s ice cream cart


Come find plush toys and kits in this customized ice cream cart!

Industrious Anarchy


Industrious Anarchy: Making Meaningful Hand Made Cloth Using Local and Sustainable Methods.

Makerspace School Projects


High school students from our pilot group of 15 Makerspace schools will be exhibiting their final projects. Projects may include converted go-karts, knitted skirts, bicycle-wheel basketball hoops, and stained glass!

NeedleArts Zone


NeedleArts Zone teaches crochet, cross-stitch, knitting, needlepoint and spinning at no charge, with free supplies. Drop in anytime, decide what you want to learn, and go for it!

Show & Tell in a Ponga Picture


Ponga rediscovers the art of Show & Tell! You put love into everything you make, now you can share what you love about your Maker project with the world. Show Ponga what you've made and together we'll tell the world.



Swap-O-Rama-Rama is the world's largest clothing swap with a series of do-it-yourself textile/accessory workshops guided by local designers.

The Crochet Bike


The Crochet Bike is a mobile spectacle, progressively covered in colorful yarnbombing. Step right up, and learn to crochet on the spot!

The Freeform Common Room


Throughout the weekend we will be using the exploration of basic knitting to hyperbolic crochet to create the space in which you create endeavoring to transform this everyday space with your art.



Trashion Show at SWAP O RAMA RAMA, Saturday May 18th, 3:00PM. Come and see my Re-Made "Trashion" designs. Totally original creations made completely of recycled clothing and other textiles! EVERYONE IS INVITED:)

Upcycling with T Shirts


Using T shirts, I will demonstrate how to create toys, a market bag and a hatnby cutting the T shirts into strips and knitting and crocheting them.

Workshop Weekend


Workshop Weekend is a community-based two-day event of 1- to 3-hour long hands-on workshops across a variety of disciplines, from crafting to engineering to gardening, all taught by local, passionate makers.


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