Take a virtual field trip to a maker’s studio and bring a little piece of the Maker Faire experience to your classroom.

Maker Connections is a series of live video sessions, connecting classrooms with inspirational Makers leading up to Maker Faire Bay Area 2014. Come along with us on virtual field trips to meet the makers! Explore makers’ workspaces, check out their favorite tools, learn how they got started, and see what they are creating now. Best of all, you can ask questions live, straight to the maker!

Series Schedule

Scroll down for information on how your classroom can participate and Maker details.

Live from San Mateo: The Day Before Maker Faire

Friday, May 16

10:30 a.m. Making Maker Faire – Watch Archive HERE

Featuring Louise Glasgow and Kate Rowe

Find out how the Make: crew puts on the biggest show (and tell) on Earth!

1:00 p.m. Making with Movement – Watch Archive HERE

Featuring the Electric Giraffe, Titanoboa, and Black Ghost Bike Makers

Get a peek at how makers having been setting up big, moving, robotic creatures for Maker Faire! Discover Lindsay Lawlor’s Russell the Electric Giraffe, and see why it’s a family favorite. Then we’ll meet Charlie Brinson, Michelle LaHaye, Markus Hagar, and Hugh Patterson, and hear how they created their 50′ electromechanical snake called Titanoboa. Last we’ll meet Sam Carter and Robin with eatART foundation, who will show us the coolest way to get around Maker Faire: on the four-person Black Ghost Electric Bike.

Lindsay with his Electric Giraffe

Titanoboa, the 50′ electro-mechanical snake

Black Ghost Electric Bike from eatArt. Photo: Michael JP Hall

Archived Shows

Making with Curiosity Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe of EepyBird WATCH ARCHIVE HERE

Making with Metal Celeste Flores of The Crucible WATCH ARCHIVE HERE

Making with Bikes Sudhu Tewari of The Crucible WATCH ARCHIVE HERE

Making with Robots Jillian Northrup & Jeffrey McGrew of Because We Can WATCH ARCHIVE HERE

Participate off camera with your students

Classrooms of students of all ages are invited to watch and interact live with Makers by sending questions in the comments area. Maker Connections are scheduled to last about 30 minutes. Sessions will include demonstrations, an interview with the Maker(s), and time for Makers to answer student questions.

Links to watch Hangout On Air “events” will be posted on this page and Make’s Google+ page. Before joining Maker Connections, please test your viewing equipment (computer, internet connection, screen or projector) and test your Google+ account at school to ensure you are permitted to connect through their network.

Field trip “event” links will be posted to this page. “Follow” them to watch the live stream on Google+ or YouTube.

Can’t make a live connection time? All Hangouts On Air will be archived and can be viewed anytime on Make’s YouTube channel.


Participate on camera with your students

We welcome any student to ask a question in the comments area of the Hangout On Air or YouTube streaming video. Your question may be chosen for the Maker to answer live, on-camera.

If your class would like to be featured on-camera as live participants, please fill out our Maker Connections interest form here. Live participants need a strong internet connection, computer, webcam and microphone, Google+ account, and a large screen or projector so the whole class can watch.


More About the Makers


April 11

Live from EepyBird Laboratory – Watch archived show here 

Making with Curiosity: Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe


Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe of EepyBird know how to turn wild ideas into reality. In the EepyBird Laboratory in Maine, they experiment with Coke and Mentos, sticky notes, paper airplanes, ping pong balls, and more, searching for ways to transform these things from everyday life into something new and unforgettable.

This field trip will take us to the EepyBird Laboratory, where they’ll share experiments from their new book, How to Build a Hovercraft, give us a peek at a project in progress, and answer viewer questions.

Ask questions in advance: click the small Q&A button on the upper right corner of the window with the triangle play button.

Coming to Maker Faire? Be sure to see one of their explosive Coke and Mentos Fountain performances.

Try This: How to Build a Hovercraft: Spiderweb Illusion


May 2

Live from The Crucible


Join us on a field trip to The Crucible, a non-profit school teaching both fine and industrial arts to youth and adults from across the Bay Area, from beginners to advanced artists and makers.

Making with Metal: Celeste Flores – Watch Archived Show Here


At 10:30 a.m. tune in to meet blacksmith and ceramicist Celeste Flores. When she’s not teaching at the Crucible, Celeste creates all sorts of artistic and functional objects, like lamps, stair rails, and specialized tools like tongs.

Making with Bikes: Sudhu Tewari – Watch Archived Show Here


At 1:00 p.m. we will connect with sound artist and bike-modification expert Sudhu Tewari. Sudhu teaches all things bikes at the Crucible, from repairs to extreme modifications.

May 9

Live from Because We Can Studios

Making with Robots: Jillian Northrup & Jeffrey McGrew – Watch archive here


Meet Jillian Northrup & Jeffrey McGrew of the Architecture & Design-Build Studio: BecauseWeCan. With their robot-empowered fabrication shop, Jillian and Jeffrey’s team combine great ideas with a digital fabrication work-flow to create highly imaginative buildings, interiors, furniture, and art.

May 16

Live from San Mateo Event Center

The Day Before Maker Faire Bay Area 2014

What’s happening the day before Maker Faire opens? Classrooms are invited to take a virtual field trip and connect live with Makers and Faire organizers as they set up for Maker Faire Bay Area 2014!

10:30 a.m. Making Maker Faire

featuring crew members Louise and Kate

Join us at 10:30 a.m. to meet a few of our stellar production team leaders, including Louise Glasgow and Kate Rowe. Find out what it takes to make an event attended by 100,000+ people with 950+ Makers! Louise has been a key organizer of Maker Faire as its producer since the first one in 2006. She knows everything that is going on, and makes sure it all runs smoothly. Kate takes the lead for the Maker Relations team, working with Makers throughout the process, from application to exhibiting on Maker Faire weekend! Don’t miss your chance to find out how they throw the biggest show (and tell) on earth!


1:00 p.m. Making with Movement

featuring the Makers of the Electric Giraffe and Titanoboa

Discover how Makers turn wild ideas into giant Maker Faire projects. We’ll ask featured Makers to pause from their set up to answer your questions live! Meet Lindsay Lawlor and his Electric Giraffe and the Makers of Titanoboa, Charlie Brinson, Michelle LaHaye, Markus Hagar, and Hugh Patterson.

More about the Electric Giraffe at

The Electric Giraffe greets a Maker Faire attendee

More about Titanoboa at

Titanoboa Crew. Photo: Michael J.P. Hall



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