PedX is a device for families worried about crossing the street safely with small kids. Attached to a stroller, PedX alerts vehicles to your presence via a bright LED, horn & one-touch camera for taking photos of bad drivers.

Arduino NFC


Learn how Near Field Communication (NFC) can be added to your Arduino project using the Adafruit or Seeed Studio NFC Shield. I'll demonstrate reading and writing NFC tags with Arduino. I'll also show to send data between Arduino and your NFC phone.

A Field Guide to the Diversity of the 3D Printed World: Design and Modeling for 3D Printing (Redux)


When people ask ''What's 3D printing for?'' they expect simple answers. But in the wild, designers find uses for 3D printing in a vast range of fields. Here's a quick survey from my book-in-progress ''Design & Modeling for 3D Printing'' (MakerMedia 2014).
A number of those who I am featuring in the Field Guides are attending Maker Faire New York, and I will be introducing a handful of them and inviting them to join me on stage to share their unique perspectives to this medium.

Introduction to the Primary Approaches to Design for 3D Printing


One of the biggest obstacles for those getting started with design for 3D printing are the wide range of approaches to using design software to get what you want -- in many cases with steep learning curves for learning each new type. Core to my book in-progress ''Design & Modeling for 3D Printing'' (Make:Books 2014) are chapters guiding the reader through the basics for each of the core approaches, to prepare the reader to tackle the ''3D Design Mode'' appropriate to the task at hand. This talk offers a brisk stroll through these fundamentals from a vendor-agnostic perspective and should arm both those entirely new to 3D design and those who hav

Unmanned aerial systems with humanitarian purpose


Unmanned systems are a burgeoning technology with numerous humanitarian applications. At Maker Faire, I will demonstrate the use of small unmanned aerial systems in search and rescue and precision agriculture.

Turn flower pots into Internet of Things (IoT) moisture sensors: A live-build!


Inspired by the ''IoT'' and ''the cloud'' but don't know where to start? Create smarter products by easily combining low-cost modular hardware, easy-to-use software & free cloud services for a new twist to projects. Participants will influence a live build from start-to-finish for a garden moisture sensor that texts, tweets and data-logs information to the cloud when it needs water. The open-source hardware/software demo uses a wiring-based rapid prototype platform to program the microcontroller and Node.JS to trigger events in the cloud. Participants will leave with the ability to replicate this project and implement this tech in more designs.



PicassoBot, an open source drawing arm robot that can take pictures from the computer or an Android camera and sketch them on paper. USB powered and Arduino compatible, this robot kit is perfect for learning at all ages.

Build Your Own Biorobotic Remote-Control Venus Flytrap


In this talk we'll explore our project from v. 39 and the intersection of biology and robotics — by creating a demonstrating a remote-controlled Venus flytrap that can close its leaf on our command!nnWe'll:nn * Explain the project background, present state of biorobotics and future implicationsnn * Show how to make your own biorobotnn * Demonstrate a venus-flytrap closing on command!

Minecraft to Maker


A guide for crafters and their parental units on how Minecraft is inspiring a generation of Makers. Kids who attend will build a redstone torch from an LED and parents will finally know why ''Minecraft isn't just another video game.'' Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mass Communication, Video Production, Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Project Management, and more are skills being used and learned through Minecraft.


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