Home Automation using Arduino


This project uses Arduino and accessories like sensors and motors to automate household tasks. In particular, it automates: - Modulate fan with temperature - Notify the house owner of a burglary attempt - Control light intensity based upon darkness

Hamburger Robot


Looks like a hamburger but isn't at all. Disguised as an edible object to hide from predators. Reaches for objects that are not in human reached.

Laser Sharks and Electric Currents


We are building a 3D printer from a kit, making 3D scans of ourselves, and printing miniature human and monstrous hybrids, plus some sharks with lasers. Our other projects involve creating electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic propulsion devices.



The hovertrain is a chain of hovercrafts made with materials typically found in a garage. Warning: it is extremely noisy!

Haunted House


Students have built different elements of a spectacularly spooky Haunted House that incorporate mechanical design, artistic crafting, and electronic programming.

Boffer Sword Play


A boffer is a foam weapon made for mock sword battles, and cosplaying. I would like to show you how easy, affordable, and fun it is to make your own boffers.


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